Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Quick Breakfast

It's freezing here in Utah!!!!

I decided a quick breakfast was in order and I set too making my yummy Hot Chocolate.
I throw some water in the microwave then bung a few teaspoons of sugar free hot choc in the blenda ( I know this is not how you spell blender but it is how I spell Blender when I'm in a hurry) continue.....with a scoop of vanilla protein powder.
Add your hot water and..................
Yes friends, this really does happen, people (stupid folks, like me today)turn on the blenda without the lid and now I have spent 23 minutes cleaning up, lumpy, looks like puke, smells like protein powder, grossness off my cabinets, counters, floor, microwave, local paperwork and my shirt.

I could've made a Spanish omelet with a side of chopped peach salsa and some fresh raspberries!

1 comment:

Marianne said...

Hoo!! I'm laughing! I know I shouldn't laugh, it probably wasn't funny, but the way you wrote it was TOTALLY funny!! And my SIL's BLEDA exploded yesterday with carrot juice...what a mess!!