Monday, December 14, 2009

I'll have a blue Christmas

The benefit of having neutral colored, white and silver, Christmas decorations, is that you can change your color scheme without much expense. That is also thanks to Walmart who never cease to amaze me on what they can do for a dollar. Oh I used to think that, one day, when I was rich, I would stop going there and shop at Target instead. Well that happened for a while ( I wasn't rich but Target was the closest big box store) and I have to say there are still many things I find myself checking out walmart for.
So since I HATE clutter, this is how I can do Christmas.
Matching my decor and only small accents.

Ok I admit the spiky thingy's are from IKEA, I would've bought all my stuff there if it hadn't been all RED!! I mean how predictable, is Ikea leaving me for another lover?

This awesome tree jar is from taipan.(store on 90th)

Oh I'm sure there are busy bodies out there, wondering what part my kids had in all this...
The answer....NONE!!! I begged and coaxed tried to bribe and whilst they were quick to demand the decorations go up, no one wanted to help. Sort of how everyone's starving but know one knows how to get themselves food;-)
I even left a second tree undecorated in the family room, hoping they'd throw the decs on but ALAS, no love there.
So judgmental readers....mind your own business and get to walmart for some super cheap decs.

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