Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Public Transport

Having grown up in England, I love public transport. You can get anywhere you want in the country and the journey can begin within a few streets of your home.
For high school, I would jump on a public bus at the end of my street, which took me to the town center, where I would hop on a bus or train and head to all kinds of adventures in Oxford or London. From there you can catch a train to France and on to anywhere else in Europe. It is such a common thing that by aged 12 or so I was quite comfortable with timetables and the Tube (underground train) map. It is actually easier to get around this way than trying to navigate a car through the city, much of which is a no drive area now and then parking is a nightmare with nothing less than a months salary to pay for it. (exaggerated)
When I took Asha to England, she had quite a fascination with all the options, so we did them all. Train, Tube, double decker bus and of course the famous black taxi.

Why am I sharing such worthless info you say, wheres the up to date pics or the sunshiny, summer happenings of a Utah family? Well, the trax has been extended to Daybreak so we took the kids for a ride.

We hopped on at Day break, paid $12 for a ticket that covered all 4 of us for ALL DAY, trax, frontrunner or bus and headed up to Trolley square.
We hopped off, walked a couple of blocks to the English store, stocked up on good chocolate and when I stay stocked up, I mean, enough to last a month but we finished on the trip home. We walked a lap around whole foods. I had to get out quickly because I could feel my pit hair growing, so many "healthy" people in there and it might be me but why does everyone look so sickly?
Anywho, we walked back to the trax, hopped on and headed home.
The kids thought is was like Disneyland and are bugging us to go again, any day of the week.
I love that my kids will have freedom to head to some really cool places downtown without the stress of traffic and parking.

Monday, August 29, 2011

First Day of School

I used to dream of the day I would have time to myself, the kids would be all safely delivered to their various schools. I'd do all those unfinished projects, uninterrupted by someone with a lego shoved up their nose or actually clean up the house and have it stay that way until about 3:05. The reality of that day is nothing like I imagined it.

I find myself walking around all sad the day before and then when the morning whirlwind begins and I jump to the pre school business of drill sergeant ( HAIR? check, TEETH? check, do you have your books,your pencil case, tissues, lunch, duct tape, well you never know) all whilst making crepes and getting some pictures taken. Then we drive off in plenty of time, only to realize that, several hundred other people, will be driving the same street, for the same drop off time.
I deliver first, big boy to his very first day at a brand new junior high.

Then park, to walk in my baby, her request, to her very first day of a new school.

We head in to her classroom and find it still. In this school the kids all gather in the gym and line up. The teacher comes down to collect them.
So I have to leave her there with a hug, which was my request, knowing she doesn't know another sole, and this will be the hardest school year yet for her.

I try to keep it together as I walk back to my car.
My heart hurts.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The sidetracked home executive.

Do you ever find yourself heavily involved in a task, say working on your budget numbers, since your dog just cost you 320 unplanned dollars, then realize you have a huge pile of other bills and papers that need sorting?

Interruptions from hungry kids, annoying phone calls or before mentioned dog and a hour or so passes.
You need the loo and on walking into your room your greeted with this..

Oh yes that's right I was folding laundry before I got the sudden urge to check on a bill. So as I'm now taking the laundry back to the laundry room (for people to collect) where it will sit until they run out of something to wear, I almost trip on this....

because lets face it, putting the vacuum away obviously is not part of the instruction to vacuum up all the cereal you just spilled. So whilst collecting parts to put away, I notice something on the table,

can you see it? Must fertilize.

So here I am, much later, shoving the piles of papers across my desk, so I can finish my budget but "squirrel" the computer is so much more colorful and full of pretty pictures of other peoples pretty lives (have you discovered pinterest?)There goes my productivity. Does anyone else get easily sidetracked?

Friday, August 19, 2011

I need to get a life.

Last weekend, a 40 year old, bachelor and FB friend from England, posted a question. "who's out tonight?"
well of course me because all would not be well in the Wold household, if Boyd didn't take me out on a Friday night date.
He then suggested, since he was 7 hours ahead, that he would drink me under the table, to which I let him know, that wouldn't be much of a challenge, since I haven't had a drop of the juice in 22 years. To which came his response, that I have pondered, happily for days, that, I need to live a little!

Bwah ha ha, I am rolling and laughing so hard I couldn't even respond.
Yes indeed, I should "live" to go drinking on a Friday night instead of say going here


watching my awesome kids do this.

The funny ending to the story is, we backed our boat into the driveway at 9pm (still 75 degrees outside) unloaded, ran in to shower, blasted my short hair dry, kissed my showered kids goodnight, (Curt was home watching a movie) hopped on the back of Boyd's R1 (not a comfy ride but exhilarating)and zoomed along the highway at *%^ miles per hour, heading to a late movie, I thought again to myself....

Yeah, I definitely need to live a little!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

21 Days of Gratitude Challenge

I am taking part in a challenge and todays challenge is to post an A-Z of Gratitude in a social media.
So here it is.

A to Z of gratitude.
A- Asha my baby girl
B- Boyd my handsome husband
C- Curtis my oldest boy
D- Dads mine and Boyd
E- England (I get to go in a couple months)Yes Mum you did read that correctly!
F- Food good bad or ugly.
G- Grandparents
H- Health
I- Individuality
J- Jordan my hard working son & Julia my sister-in law
K- Knowledge and desire to obtain it
L- Lesley my Mummy
M- Matthew my brother
N- Nourishment
O- Organization
P- Playtime
Q- Questioning minds
R- Ronan my youngest son
S- Scrapbooking my favorite memories
T- Transformation
U- Understanding, mine of others and them of me.
V- Vacations with my family
W- Work, any kind
X- Xamples everyday ;-)
Y- Youthful feelings
Z- Zac my nephew