Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Point Break

Have you ever wondered what your breaking point is?
I've been taught, that we will not be given more trials than we can handle but as I have watched one adversity be piled on top another, I do ask, "are we there yet" I've even wondered how people walk away from church forever.

It became apparent to me today that, that statement was not true. That actually we would be pushed to the point of breaking and our very faith will be shaken out of us.

And so my Son sits alone, heart broken and spirit broken, sobbing on a plane home from Virginia. There will be no crowd or balloons waiting for him at the airport, there is no celebration for a medical discharge or partial service. Just an underlying tone from our surroundings that he couldn't hack it. He will live forever with disappointment that he didn't finish what he set out to do.
What waits for him is uncertain. There will however be a Mother and Father who love him unconditionally and who have not and will not forsake him in his time of need.

Where is my maker now? He promised to take care of him. Were our prayers not good enough? Was our faith and trust a signal to say, Hit me again ,I'm strong enough and I liked it?
Well how do I go on?
All I asked was to comfort him, give him peace. He prayed constantly for that peace.
But it never came......
His name was in the Temple, faith and prayers of many others.
But it never came.....

What loving parent wouldn't comfort there own child?

Wednesday, May 11, 2011