Saturday, June 12, 2010

World Cup Fever

While I am indeed grateful, to live in a beautiful land, my freedoms here allow me to hang my flag and announce with pride, that I am in fact English. Still loyal to Her Majesty the Queen and to the team called England as they play the USA in round one of the world cup.

I actually couldn't care less about the game and I hate to hear all the excuses from England about why they haven't won the competition since before I was born but today, since my house is divided I feel it necessary to support the land that gave me birth and so far, most of my life experience.
I just hope, if US does score, tie or even win, that their goals are clean and good because I just can't stand to hear the excuses.

Look what our neighbors did during the game :)

Friday, June 11, 2010

In memory

Memorial day always falls at the end of May and it is a tradition for Boyd's family to get together at the cemetery down town and place flowers at his Dad's graveside.We always have a nice picnic and it is great time to celebrate family and remember loved ones gone before. Last year we buried his grandpa, whom Boyd loved so much and the headstone had just been placed so we were able to visit this also.

Every year, as people are in thought and memorial mode I of course think of my Dad, taken too young at just 46. May 30th 1992. My babies were just 1 and 7 weeks old. He didn't get to see them grow. He didn't get to meet my husband who treats me like a queen. He didn't get to meet his other 2 beautiful Grandkids, who he'd just love to bits. He didn't get to grow old and retire with my Mum, taking their caravan to muddy fields and complaining about the foreign, naf food that's taken over the world, he didn't get to continue to prop up the bar on a Friday night with his brother.

This is a picture Boyd created of him, taken from his usual spot in a deck chair on camping trips.
Sometimes I just miss him being in my life but I know that this life is eternal and I will meet him again and we will soon catch up on all the goings on and he'd be proud of me and all I've accomplished.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Sunday's at ours

Since my kids got older, it seemed, Monday night home evening was often interfered with, work and other activities threw off our groove so we decided to switch it to Sunday. For some reason, everyone has respected that Sunday is a family day and so in order to have our whole crew there and happy about it we needed to come up with a plan.
Each person takes turns with different responsibilities for our activities but the most sought after job is, choosing and helping make dinner. The kids pull out the recipe books and make a choice. You know it was good when the next kid chooses the same the next week.
I really enjoy this practice as it's not always me doing everything.

So far, Jaime Oliver is the favorite books of choice although my full English meal was a hit. I did Bangers mash and Beans, Toad in the Hole, shepherds pie and trifle all at the same time. Oh so good :)