Monday, February 27, 2012

Made for Monday

In my usual style, of not 100% finishing a project, I thought I'd post this "Made for Monday" item, even though it is not actually finished.
I know what you are thinking, "it looks finished but what is it?" Well it started as a notice board to add some color and cover the blank side of a screw showing cupboard, but once I thought about the amount of clutter a notice board has, and goodness knows, all the offices and notice boards I see on pinterest don'y have clutter on them, I realized I couldn't live with that. It has evolved into a year at a glance, space for all sorts of things in pockets. (birthdays, advanced plans, goals etc, I even keep a daily gratitude list, today being grateful for tanning beds, I know shallow)
So you see, we have pockets and things to attach clips to and that is it and this may well be, where it stays for the next 6 months to 6 years until I decide I don't want it any more :) Read on for a brief how to. First head to the Home Depot for some trim/baseboard and note that the $1.39 tag means per foot not for the whole thing which I thought.Whoops.
Then cut wood into awesome angled corners so you can fit it in your tiny car :) Come home and have hubster, re- cut the would so it actually fits together at 90 degree angles . Use little brass L-shaped brackets to secure, make sure the screws aren't too long or they'll poke all the way through. Use wood putty to fill the holes you drilled all the way through plush cracks. Sand, then go in the garage and spray paint the frame, making sure the color matches your car in case of over spray (just kidding, it doesn't have to match)
Then for the insert, oh man I said brief. Well just make sure you have some great TV to watch and use a ruler. It all turned out great in the end.
And why to all bloggers take pictures at this angle? Do they want you to think your actually in the room and not staring head on a computer screen, just wondered.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Made for Monday

This was the first year, in as long as I can remember, that I didn't make and send Christmas cards. With all our goings on in December plus my desire to erase much of 2011, I decided against my traditional card and set too with my glue gun in January to make a "New Year Card". I intended to include a lovely wedding picture but after several weeks of waiting for the photographer, I was disappointed to find this, as the only picture with my whole family in it.
Boyd's not thrilled with it. Anyway, I quickly completed them, it's still January so "Happy New Year" is still fitting but then you throw in a broken printer, a busy husband and printed labels being way beyond my nerd skills and here you have it....

I ran out of one color so I made a few yellow
I hope my friends will accept the lateness with an extra stamp.
So it wasn't really made for Monday, but finished, finally, on Monday.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

In England we don't really "celebrate" Valentines Day. I mean we know what it is, trust me, from the time boys stop being gross to us, all little girls, hope for that anonymous card from the boy, who secretly longed to hold our hands or let him catch us in kiss chase, the innocent game of youth, that has since been replaced with texting and hanging out ;-) No, Valentines to me was only something you got to participate in if you already had a love interest or spouse and was generally a card with a flower or sweet. I'm sure this has changed over the years but it certainly didn't involve cards from your granny or worse from your best friend of the same gender. You can imaging my concern when, one valentines morning, I received a red rose on my windshield from none less than the missionaries!!! Gasp, later to find out they had left a flower for all the single Mums in the ward, bless their hearts. Much has changed since coming to the US and holiday celebration is definitely one of my fonder traditions, although I confess, I don't buy huge gifts or have Easter bunny baskets, much to my kids chagrin. I do, however try to let them at least know I am aware of the holiday and this one is no exception. I pulled this together in an hour before church thanks to Christmas red items and left over pink and candles etc from the wedding.
I made their favorite, most requested meal. Chicken Pockets (chicken, cream cheese and green onion, wrapped in a croissant and dipped in butter and bread crumbs.....yum)
Asha made us special sushi (Twinkies wrapped in fruit roll up and with a Swedish fish shoved in the sure and cut their heads off first)
As for me and my sweetie.
We went on a sleigh ride up in Heber, not much snow but still fun as our little old cowboy driver told funny cowboy stories and sung me a love song.
So how do you celebrate?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Made for Monday

This time it was Asha. Valentines mail boxes. Oh we have seen some creations in our time but this was made all on her lonesome whilst I was out.
It's all about love and she does, love lego.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Birthday Bowl

Nobody in my family, cares too much for football but it has become a little traditional to have endless amounts of junk food on the day of the super bowl. We generally get together and laugh at commercials and pay little, if any attention to the football itself. This year the game was actually on a Sunday and it happened to be Boyd's birthday so whilst some might forfeit a party, we figured, hey it's our usual family, Sunday dinner with excess junk for Dad's birthday and maybe a little background football....ahem.
Our awesome neighbor makes cakes and was fundraising with her daughter , so we scored some the most delicious cupcakes ever. Gingerbread with cream cheese frosting. Thankfully I brought them out after everyone was in a sugar coma so there was leftovers ...for me and later.... me.
Not much has to occur, besides laying around, groaning that you ate to much at this point.
My favorite part was the half time show where Madonna performs like a prayer. I think I'll gage my age appropriate attire on what she wears, I knew my gladiator dress would come back in style! but seriously that lady has a rockin' bod and totally works it in the heels. Time to step up the pilates.
So happy birthday to my older man, looks pretty good I think.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012