Monday, February 20, 2012

Made for Monday

This was the first year, in as long as I can remember, that I didn't make and send Christmas cards. With all our goings on in December plus my desire to erase much of 2011, I decided against my traditional card and set too with my glue gun in January to make a "New Year Card". I intended to include a lovely wedding picture but after several weeks of waiting for the photographer, I was disappointed to find this, as the only picture with my whole family in it.
Boyd's not thrilled with it. Anyway, I quickly completed them, it's still January so "Happy New Year" is still fitting but then you throw in a broken printer, a busy husband and printed labels being way beyond my nerd skills and here you have it....

I ran out of one color so I made a few yellow
I hope my friends will accept the lateness with an extra stamp.
So it wasn't really made for Monday, but finished, finally, on Monday.


Marianne said...

And WELL worth the wait, if you ask me!! Very nice.

We will be having a wedding this summer. WHAT DO I DO???!!!!

Natalie said...

Marianne- Congratulations. Hopefully, you buy a cute dress and wait to be told what to do :)