Monday, April 23, 2012

Downton or Downtown

I jumped on the band wagon, along with half of Utah, in the love of a show called Downton Abbey. A fascination with how the other half live. I was able to find a place online and get copies from the library, before the que jumped to 150. I have felt a fascination towards the upper crust way of life, ever since Fridays nights at home with my Mum, watching Dynasty on the tele and wishing I could wear sequins to dinner and my hair was that big and perfect. Today our equivalent shows, are full of indecent exposure and although I still secretly wish I had been born a Kardashian, I realize I am at least 7 inches too tall and lack the lips, big hair and immoral conduct necessary. It is no secret that I was uncharacteristically excited, about the grand opening of the new "city Creek Center" Downtown and I admit I have been there several times already. It did not disappoint.
I didn't go blow our retirement or anything (already did that before, thank you neighborhood foreclosures for causing our panic)but I have enjoyed browsing the different stores and a generally different "downtown" feeling.
There are certainly some high end stores and it's fun to look at how much 2 months mortgage payment would get you, say, a leather jacket from Porsche or the most hideous shoes I've ever seen
But really my pleasure came just from the downtown feeling. I fantasize that one day, Boyd and I will have a loft downtown and this place would do nicely.
I could just sit and watch the world go by, I am a people watcher, I love it, I feel alive. I was amazed at all the really stylish people I saw. It's like people get all dressed up, to go shopping, so they can get stuff, to get all dress up, to go shopping... Oh the fantasy world that great romance novels are made of.
So there you have it, I am being honest, despite all the lessons on pride and worldly riches being of the devil, I face this challenge every day, of wishing I was the skinny, blond chick, with the 5 inch choos on, carrying more bags than a girl should have to without a PA. Oh and there was one beautiful thing I saw, that I wanted there and then and wished Daddy Warboyds would get me (which he would if I really meant it)
Alas, it was not for sale, just being valet parked while they got cheesecake. I bet they didn't have a 2 hour wait!!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Too Busy

It's funny, when I am having fun and taking snaps, I am too busy to blog but when I have time to blog, I have nothing to report.
Just me writing this is evidence that either a) I have nothing to do  or b) I am postponing what I need to do.
A couple of weeks ago was scrapbook USA weekend here in UT. Traditionally I have gotten together with my  gluebuds and scrapped into the night but since my super scouter hubby was off on a scout camp, I had to come  up with a plan B as I had Asha to think about.
This year they offered a young scrappers club and she and a buddy were able to go from 6 to midnight and a have all kinds of crafty fun.
They had separate rooms from the grown ups but I could pop in and out when ever I liked. They had a DJ and Karaoke with games. Who doesn't love a good hokey pokey?
They spray painted hair and painted nails and did glitter tattoos as well as working on some crafty notebooks.It was a fun time and I got to scrap.
I realize from these pictures that it looks like no one else was there but there were about 50 girls and one boy, bless his heart.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

One in one out.

Just as one of my boys jumps into teenhood, another one leaves. I can't believe Jordan is 20! It even looked old on the card I made but for the next 3 weeks I have 2 20 year old sons.
Jordan is a workhorse. He works seven days a week and any time he has a spare minute, he's under a car or building something. I could not be more proud of this son. He has a gentle nature and a wicked sense of humor although most of his jokes I couldn't repeat, despite spitting food as he tells them.
He has given me plenty of nights of worry and used a good few of his 9 lives on his daredevil stunts but when it comes down to real stuff of life like working and paying bills he is top of the class.
I couldn't love this kid any more if I tried.