Friday, February 1, 2013

This month on Studio 5, is a discussion on "pretenders". The show itself is made up of segments that give ideas and helps for lifestyle subjects. I enjoy it. I was recently in line at the grocery store and thumbed through a magazine called small storage solutions. It was full of bright colorful, inspirational ideas to help feed my strange love affair with organization. I almost threw it in my basket but with a $10 price tag, thank goodness I noticed, I put it back and felt grateful for all those Blogs out there that give all this inspiration for free. You just need to check out the list to my right for ones I follow. The connection here hit me, it's these same "mommy Blogs" as they have been named, being featured that are also being accused of being "pretenders" For example:One of my favorite blogs to follow is IHEARTorganizing. Which gives fabulous ideas for things like this playroom.
I mean we all have little boys who will happily sort their lego by color and put it in the appropriate drawer at the end of a play session right? Or this beautiful office/craft space in a closet, I mean who doesn't have a closet they could convert for something this lovely.
The fact is, I can look at these pictures and feel happy and get ideas. I am well aware that the pictures are taken with additional lighting and having been untouched or unused by anyone. I also love that a couple of months later there will be a new picture of the room completely different and I love that the person is using their energy to do something they love and then sharing it. Maybe for some validation or praise and sometimes for their own sanity, to have one space in the home that for one minute, looks beautiful but like I said, I personally have gotten some drive and ideas from someone else's "perfect" room. The segment has mentioned photos of people made up and dressed cute when in reality, they shower at 3pm and spend most of their lives in sweats and I say, whats wrong with that? Surely I'm not going to post my worst pictures to immortalize my "normal-ness" I like to look at scrapbooks and see happy times and successes and while I have the odd tantrum picture or messy house shot, which I'd share if I could find any of my images (new laptop, grrr)I prefer to focus on the good, positive things and appreciate others for doing the same. Imagine a facebook feed full of "reality" -My dog just peed on the carpet.-My son is annoying me so much I want to punch him. - here's a picture of what 8 loads of dirty laundry looks like. No. I prefer the happy parts of peoples lives. Real friends already know the real you and would never accuse you of pretending because you only share the good part. I have seen many "mommy bloggers" who are driven, intelligent, capable women, who choose to, or feel they should, stay home to raise their children and while they watch their bodies fall apart to childbirth and can feel their brain cells withering with the monotony of 24/7 childcare, they maybe channel some of that previous self into a blog. For many it has become a source of income but for most, at least a source of sanity or connection to others in a similar place with similar interests. I really think if someone feels inadequate or problem-ed, because of someone else's posts, pictures or blog, that there is something else hurting their heart that makes them feel this way. If you actually think the stars wake up looking like that and sweet Jen from IHEARTorganizings playroom really looks like that at a moments notice, then I laugh in your general direction. When we understand our own potential in this life, to become as God is, we have a desire to improve. We can either look at all we don't do or we can decide what small area to try to improve on today and enjoy the process.We celebrate our achievements because we worked for them and feel good and want to forget our failures and short comings, not take pictures of them. That's my 2 cents. If you think I'm a pretender then you don't know me. I am honest and have never tried to portray a false image of me, I believe it to be one of my best qualities that I am real. If you think my life appears perfect and I am awesome because of this blog then we are likely not friends but feel free to continue that belief because my life and myself are pretty awesome :-)