Friday, November 27, 2009

Is that all you got?

No I'm not referring to my haul of "black Friday" bargains because unlike many warped people. I enjoy a lazy morning in my pj's after eating my body weight in saturated fats. Really people! There is little outside of giving birth or a flight to London that will get me up before 5am and quite frankly, half price socks isn't going to cut it. However, don't fret I will be sure to do my bit for the economy later today, I will just do it without boxing gloves and bed head. Well maybe a little bed head.

I was actually referring to photographs of thanksgiving. I already have layouts made, ready for all the beautiful autumn toned pictures taken with extended family and more to the point ALL of my kids :) It's hard to get my older boys to anything these days what with work and school, there bulging social calendars and of course the fact that we are not cool, or fun to be around. Anyway Thanksgiving is up there with Christmas in importance in these parts of the woods and one of the few occasions along with funerals and Christmas where you can just demand there presence and some how it works.
So why then is it possible that I only have a few pictures and more than two thirds of guests are not even represented? HHmm....nice camera though.

Shelly is one of Jerry's daughters.

"Uncle Rick" this guy just reminds me of my dad, well his names Rick, he drives a big rig and he's super fun to be around, he has all the time in the world for you and your kids, I just love him.

Whilst I'm on the subject of Thanksgiving, I think it is possibly the best holiday. The stores even shut down and family get together and are thankful. It's like a harvest festival where food is really the center of attention and not gifts. It seems fitting that when times are hard, having food on the table is really something to be grateful for and isn't taken for granted in many homes anymore. I think its strange I had never even heard of this tradition until moving here but that also means I have no deep set traditions of my own that I need to try to keep alive. It is however that knife in the chest reminder as is every milestone, holiday or family event, that I am, in fact a million miles from my own family and loved ones and
I am thankful for all my family, Mum, Matt, Julia, Zac, Dallas, Iain, Stuart, Ted, Yvonne, Nina, Lee, Doug & Bill. That's ALL folks, my entire family, uncles aunts and cousins.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Halloween in pics.

By Day, as per school rules, one public servant, "Nurse Wold".

One literary character, "Count Dracula"

One school party complete with, amongst other things, donuts on a string.

Toilet paper mummy's.

Painting Pumkins. (I was pretty impressed with the joker one)

Then by Night, Bob Marley, The goodlooking guy from smallville.

Hermione Granger.

A Death Eater

And us :)
Mr and Mrs Potato head :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tag your IT!

It's going around. FLU.
Jordan the Ronan,

Boyd and Asha.

I have cloroxed and sanitized bedding, lysolled and washed my hands til they are cracked and I couldn't keep this germ at bay.

My babies are all so sad and cute in there footsie jammies.
Curt says his "gross" bedroom is so full of bacteria, no virus could survive there. HHMM that may be true.
As for me, it seems inevitable but for now I'm flippin' excellent thank you for asking :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I was just TOO young.

It's not uncommon in the LDS culture to start marriage and family life at 19. It's almost frowned upon to still be single at 25 and if you reach 30 and havn't yet found your eternal companion then, my goodness, there must be something wrong with you! The trouble with this mentality is, it pushes many of us to jump into "grown up" life more quickly than, maybe, we are ready for. I'm not suggesting we lay around acting like a lazy teenager but as we move through our journey on earth, we shouldn't be in such a hurry to get to the next step.
I found myself, at 19, with my first baby, encouraging him to sit and then he walked at 10 months old. Just yesterday I heard on the radio a commercial for "hooked on phonics" by a lady with a 2 year old. Is she expecting him to read the instructions to putting on his diaper?
I digress, I have a point and pictures:)
As I've watched each of my babies grow up, some to full size and ability, I realized I have celebrated each mile stone and happily moved on, knowing that each life goal is accomplished. Now that I am old ( another LDS cultural myth, is that 38 is flippin' old) I cherish every step my kids take in there mortal journey and I wish I had put more value on them 10 years ago.
The first day of school was a huge woohoo, mum gets some ME time!
The first award was a pat on the back for me and bragging rights.
Good grades were just expected.
Playing an instrument was the norm and a sick kid messed with my plans for the day.
Now as I watch my last baby move through her milestones, I have this wrench in my heart. My kids don't need me as much.
It started out joyful,
No more night feeds, No more diapers, no more preschool.
Going to school meant being alone all day.
but now it has hit me :(
Almost too big to sit on your lap.
Too heavy to carry.

Our baby turned 8 and was baptized. My last one.
So I'm sad as a Mum, but happy as a mum.
I think I was too young when I started my family. I have matured into my role as a Mum and my Heavenly Father's plan for me. Now I get it and think I might've missed out on some special moments as I checked each milestone off my list of expectations.

Note to self, busy Mum/scrapbooker, needs to assign someone to take pictures of special occasions!