Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Tag your IT!

It's going around. FLU.
Jordan the Ronan,

Boyd and Asha.

I have cloroxed and sanitized bedding, lysolled and washed my hands til they are cracked and I couldn't keep this germ at bay.

My babies are all so sad and cute in there footsie jammies.
Curt says his "gross" bedroom is so full of bacteria, no virus could survive there. HHMM that may be true.
As for me, it seems inevitable but for now I'm flippin' excellent thank you for asking :)

1 comment:

ClistyB said...

I just read that bachelors homes are less likely to get the flu because they never clean and so the germs don't get disturbed and fly around.
Yes I know this tip is not helpful since most of your lot has it....