Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Since I could write...

I have written and sent Christmas cards. One year, still in elementary, I sent 60 and longingly waited to receive..... STILL WAITING!!!!
Back in England, we tend to stay put in the same house, job, ward etc so the list of friends & family is not so big. Seriously people, I have 4 cousins!!
Now in the US it's, we move, they move, we move, they move and so my list gets longer. I'm at 75 so far.
Over the years I have sent letters and pictures but always a homemade card which I absolutley love to do.
I have learned that:
1, anything "lumpy" is returned for additional postage,
2, stamps do not stick to cello envelopes and need to be glued individually,
3, cello envelopes are returned for additional postage,
4, even a simple brad is considered "lumpy"
5, any size except 4.25 x 5.5 is requires additional postage (sorry Marci, you card was adorable)
6, I only receive a fraction of the cards I send!!!! It's not too late.

Just so you know, I keep all the homemade cards you send in honor of the time taken and put them on a scrapbook layout.

Also, I decided to make a board to put all the friends and family pics on which will hang in my family room, so feel free to send. If your my friend that is.

the bottom line says "To have a friend, you must be a friend.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just like Oprah!

Well minus the money, homes, personal chefs etc etc, oh yes and I'm white!
I'm referring to yo yo weight gain/loss.

I found myself in a desperate attempt to dress my cute "tom boy" in some clothes we both liked. I figured the "rock star" look, with black and some sparkle with boots etc might work for her when she observantly pointed out, as only a loving 7 year old can, that her jeans were very skinny. I replied, "I know, they are supposed to be, just like Mummy's" at which point she shares, yours aren't skinny!

So here I am again looking at my weight gain and wondering how and why I get here every other year or so. I fluctuate 10lbs but it effects me tremendously.
I am bravely sharing my pics for all you saying "puuleeeese"






Tonight is my first night at weight watchers,something I haven't tried before.
I feel very positive about this program since my sister in law lost my entire body weight on it.

Julias Before and After Pics

I feel lucky that my starting weight is still within my "healthy" range and if I lost 10% of my body weight (WW recommended first goal)I would be at my High school, Wedding,and ideal weight. The fact is, I can't fit in my clothes, I hate shopping, I feel disgusting and I'm a cow to be around with all this negative vibe.
So wish me luck people, I have a serious addiction to all things salty.

Monday, December 29, 2008

What happened here?

Somebody grew a size and a half!

Twas the Saturday before Christmas....

and no one had a clue,
that we'd been plotting and scheming,
a trip to ensue.

Christmas was coming early,
no complaints about that
Jordan dressed as "SantaCross"
complete with gut but no hat :)

All gifts were exchanged
lots of oohs and an ah,
then to pack we all went
before loading the car.

Monday we drove
to Las Vegas with care
to the Venetian we'd go
and sleep whilst there

Then here we come Cali
to the sun and the fun
Disneyland & adventures
lots of fun but the sun?

We whizzed and we whirred
and ate "in and out" twice,
we got soaked and screamed loudly
and had a few fights (well it wouldn't be a family Christmas without someone being moody)

So here's a few pics,
don't be sad you didn't come
There's plenty of snow at home
so create your own fun!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Promises Promises!!

So next time you promise your kids a fun day out with friends downtown, you make want to check the weather forecast. This was the first bad snow day in December.
Despite our over extended travel time we had a "blast" at the Clarke planetarium....get it?

We watched the "Santa versus the snowman" in 3D and it was fun, aided by some seriously buttery popcorn which everyone enjoyed til a couple of hours later when we all had belly aches.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Love of my Life.

Just feeling pretty lucky today.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Buddy the Elf!

Jordan has succeeded in life!!! His first big election win. He was officially voted "buddy the elf" for the High schoolers and got to fill all responsibilities that go along with it. (Picture the Grinch winning the holiday cheermiester award)
Yeah, so anywhoooo the last day Tradition at American Heritage involves all students bringing a Teddy to set under the tree.

Yes that is alot of Bears!!
Then, starting with Buddy the Elf of course, ALL the kids line up around the school as All bears are loved and hugged and passed along every child before being taken to less fortunate kids.

Now that's alot of love!!

What did you expect! Red and Green?

This is my Christmas Tree. I love doing things the way I like rather than the way others may like, that way I tend to not get sick of them. I have added to my orange tree the biggest balls which I think are really cool.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I may have been replaced!

Who could blame him, isn't he the cutest thing you've ever seen?

Mad design skills.

Curt is taking a class at the tech center which has something to do with computers, web design, photo shop, stuff I don't know anything about except he's happy and that's all that matters. So I get a brain wave that he could create a Christmas card for us and look what he came up with in a couple of hours!!

Everyone looks good in a helmet, you should try it!!

2 years in a row I had all 70 cards returned to me for additional postage because they weren't "flat" so this is my attempt at a flat card to go with Curts awesome design.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Little Girl Gift Idea

I really love all the little bows and frills of girls but since Asha will have no part in it, I have to get my girly creative fix with gifts. This one is for my youngest niece for Christmas, "shhh don't tell her"

I weaved ribbon onto an embroidery ring, which I had painted. Then made several hair bows etc.
The idea is the ring becomes a hanging organizer and generally pretty room accessory.


Introducing our new edition. He's a Goldendoodle. That's a hybrid breed, made to be smart and family friendly like a retriever and non shedding like a poodle, hence the mix. He's so cute and quite smart although I wasn't prepared for the sad bed times.

He was ALL Boyd's idea so he gets to do the nights and weekend work while I take the day shift. So far no accidents :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

When it's not your money!!

We gave the kids allowance and suggested they use it for a Halloween costume, since we weren't going to give them any more and it's amazing how resourceful they are when they realize we are not kidding and they've spent it all!
At school they are told to dress as a historic figure, classic story book character or modern day hero and since to my kids, this just didn't fit with there "real" costume, they had to come up with a second.

Asha is dressed as a vet, any excuse to cart a loud of soft toys to school and Ronan is Johnny Appleseed, mismatched clothes and a pouch of apple seeds (apple jollyranchers) to give out.

Then for the "real" costume.
Asha is of course a super hero (Iron Man)
and Ronan is a soccer zombie made by Boyd, who knew smiths bags and spray insulation could look so much like oozing guts. All this time we thought I was the creative one.
You can expect all Christmas cards to be made by Boyd this year:)

our alternate pumpkins

My Mum bought the kids these "Mr. Potato Head" pumpkin faces. They spent the whole week arranging and re arranging them until they finally got to stick them in the pumpkins! 30 seconds! No MESS! score. I feel a new tradition coming on :)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"ya wanna jump out of a plane?"

I mean seriously, wouldn't you think about it for a little bit? Nope!!! Sure was Boyd's response and off they went.
I was freakin out as the intro video mentioned you may be trading your life for a short thrill and then theres the whole, flying with NO DOOR!! but these guys couldn't even get nervous if they tried.
We wondered where Ronan got his chilled demeanor but it is pretty clear now, IT AIN'T FROM ME, so here is the proof.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

kids say the funniest things

So we are off on our usual treck to find pumpkins. I wonder why since we don't eat them but make more work for ourselves in the emptying and carving process just to have them sit out and rot!! I know the answer "cos the kids like to" Anyway, while Asha finds this cute little baby one and cradles it like a nuturing mother should, a gene she got from her Dad, not me, she says "I need to change it's diaper, it's all full of seeds" Ha!! Made me think of those early nursing diapers.

I like this little place just south of the District in South Jordan, not to over whelming with a kids corn maze, lots of tractors and photo ops. Now I just need to get my kids to smile for the camera. I think we got 2 out of about 30 pictures.

Monday, October 27, 2008

He's got the whole world in his hands!

Do you remember being this age? It seems we had ambition to do everything then some form of frying pan smacks us in the head and we start to doubt the things we are capable of.

Whenever I go to Temple Square I feel grounded and remember there's a bigger picture and I can do all things in Christ who strengthens me. I am a beloved spirit daughter of God who's life has meaning, purpose and direction. So off I go to tackle the laundry, dishes and an aftermath of weekend laziness :)

Friday, October 24, 2008

My Happy Place

I've been working on my room for a while now. I used a book called "the organized and inspired scrapbooker" it takes you through a series of questions to figure out what you'll do in your space as well as things you love and that inspire you creatively.

I love the "cropnstyle" cubes for practical storage but I like things to match and be uncluttered. I need more cubes to slide under my counter but need more money too:)

My brother in law, Mike, made me this awesome wrapping rack and I needed a perfect place for it which I finally have.

Other things I love, chocolate, hence the paint, my Motorbike, hence my gear hanging, my home town, hence pics and memories from London and teddies.