Monday, November 3, 2008

When it's not your money!!

We gave the kids allowance and suggested they use it for a Halloween costume, since we weren't going to give them any more and it's amazing how resourceful they are when they realize we are not kidding and they've spent it all!
At school they are told to dress as a historic figure, classic story book character or modern day hero and since to my kids, this just didn't fit with there "real" costume, they had to come up with a second.

Asha is dressed as a vet, any excuse to cart a loud of soft toys to school and Ronan is Johnny Appleseed, mismatched clothes and a pouch of apple seeds (apple jollyranchers) to give out.

Then for the "real" costume.
Asha is of course a super hero (Iron Man)
and Ronan is a soccer zombie made by Boyd, who knew smiths bags and spray insulation could look so much like oozing guts. All this time we thought I was the creative one.
You can expect all Christmas cards to be made by Boyd this year:)

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