Monday, October 17, 2011

Halloween for Dummies.

1.Don't bother to decorate your house when you are going to be gone much of October and have to put it away the day you get back.
2. Don't use scarce, valuable, free time to make crafty Halloween things when you should be planning things to do in London or Packing.
3. Halloween will still happen, even if you don't have that cute banner you saw at Miss Shelly's house.

4.Halloween Decor can be purchased quickly and cheaply at walmart and doesn't require a specialty fabric store that carries giant ric rac , amongst other extremely cool stuff like vinyl fabric.
5. Get king sized candy and you'll be the bomb, whether you decorate or dress up your whole yard or not.

So now that the rules have been clearly stated, and I have established that I am a Halloween dummy.
I have to share.
I've see these cute fabric banners all over and figured I didn't need to reinvent the wheel. Just do a "case" study. Copy And Steel Everything.How hard can it be? How long can it take?
I made a huge mistake when I walked into Material Girls, a little store in South Jordan. I was so blown away by all the fabric that I immediately started planning in my head about 20 years worth of projects.
Anyway, I grabbed what I needed, went to town, ignored the fact that I have a family and any other responsibilities or things to do, like plan and pack for a trip.

Love my cricut. Love even more that Boyd could fix it after I dropped it.

Fabulous Fabric and several hours later.

I didn't like that the letters were too dark to show up guessed it. I went for round two.

We always do better the second time around. (Don't tell that to your first child though, not cool)
Then I couldn't possibly put a lonely banner up so I dug out the decs and and got festive.

and just so you know I am a total dummy, I WILL NOT buy king sized candy!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Heart on a sleeve.

They say you wear your heart on your sleeve and if you are Justin Bieber, that is true, trust me I know, since that is our Halloween costume request this year.(I draw a line at the haircut though)

But I would have to say, I am wearing my heart, in plain view, on my butt...and upper arms....a little in the legs and...well you get the general picture.

Why is it, that when things blow all out of control, that we turn and punish ourselves, by doing the one thing that we are 100% in control of, namely taking care of our physical health?

That being said, this picture is not a witches concoction, to zap all who hinder my happiness but a sweet young gal, helping to add to my growing heart exposure. Also know as Sub zero.

Oh and this is my therapist, who flies here every September to keep me company in my search for sugar. Love you Mum.

Have mercy on the weak.
All I can say is, ignore all previous posts where I tell you to de-clutter and get rid of clothes that are too big. I need pants.