Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Girlfriends are like shoes.

Today I had a thought,it's surprising what crosses your mind when you are alone a good chunk of the day with only housework and drudgery to fill your brain. Whilst looking at my pile of boots in the bottom of my closet, wondering how I could organize them better, googleing it and then being sidetracked by many articles and blogs and wondering if I should kick a large child out, so I can convert his room to a closet for shoes.So during all that thinking, I wondered, How many shoes is ok? I mean, I read the average woman has 30 and who wants to be average? I do have a friend who only has about 5 , by choice and frankly I think she needs therapy. So I started counting, (do flip flops and slippers and snow boots count?)So then of course my A.D.D. mind starts to wonder and soon, as I am contemplating, getting rid of a few...GASP... I think shoes are like girlfriends. You need different ones for different things and although you may have a ton, there are only a few that will go the distance.

For instance The black boot- who can live without it, it fits, it's comfortable, it goes with everything, it's the one you would actually take care of and polish, maybe even re sole it. It's the friend who knows all about you and still loves you. Who lets you rant but calls you on your crap. It's the one you'd apologize to and make things right.

Then there's the trainers/ tennis shoes- they're good for a couple of hours but can get sweaty and mean your working.You always feel better when you've worked them hard. The friend who makes you do scary things outside your comfort zone but helps you feel better about yourself when your done, the one who convinces you to buy the purse that is too expensive but you deserve :)

sandals- they mean it's time to relax, cut loose have fun but in an easy way. They are the 9 o'clock movie or the meet me for lunch in an hour friend.

Then there's the snowboot- ever practical, reliable, ready for action when needed but doesn't get enough love from you.

Every girls love/hate- the stiletto/ the hooker heel- it makes you feel good about yourself, like your invincible, like you own the place. But beware;-) it makes you do things you wouldn't normally do. It's not always right for church or grocery shopping but she'll be sure you have a great night out with friends and liven up any gathering.

Oh I could break it down even more but I've already started thinking about other stuff

So what kind of friend are you?

Monday, January 25, 2010


When I walk into a store, the kind that makes you smile and suddenly feel your wallet slip from your grasp, I wonder why I don't mimic that same happy sense of lust in my own home. I can just see a mantel full of shoes and rows of sparkly diamonds dangling on the kitchen counter. Frosted glass walls and brushed stainless doors.
Don't you just think these look like Modern Art?

Who needs a vase when you can decorated with these!!

Monday, January 18, 2010

I WANT one!!

Today, I picture Veruca Salt, yelling and stomping around saying I WANT ONE Daddy, get it for me NOW!!! Ok maybe a little exaggeration but I did feel a certain special flutter in my heart as I wondered the car show.

My first sighting was this custom camaro, I couldn't have imagined a better use of orange on a car and oh how I LOVE my orange accents.
BUT WAIT... it comes all murdered out,

now THAT, is sexy
But wait there was more,

Then I decided,I must be a cowgirl after all because there's something about 600 horses, neatly compacted into a metal stable that makes me want to yell "YEEHAA" and do a seductive hip dance.

Oh why wasn't I born to arab royalty or the bratty, drug child of a rock star? They could never fully LOVE this like I would.
Isn't this cutest snow car you ever saw!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

January is back in session.

I know it's January and I should be giving you my list of major achievement goals for the new year and decade.
Going to climb a mountain, jump out of a plane, start a company, loose 10lb, meet someone famous, invite them to dinner and become BFF's landing me on the front of a people magazine titled "Mormon Mommy does her own version of Big Love with Hollywood Hottie......Ok I'm getting carried away here but frankly I have Nothing for ya, Nada. No promises I won't keep past a month. Just January, another month on the calendar.

It's snowing and freezing, the kids are back in school, the gym is packed of course, a new semester for Curt, 5 days left to graduation for Jordan and I just barely packed up the Christmas decorations.
So no promises, just a pledge to:
.Not kill anyone in my household this year despite there ability to push to my limit.
.Spend my entire budget every month.
.pick up crap off my floor and yell at someone at least once a week.
.Do more than my body weight in laundry once a week.
.Start a diet most Mondays ;)
.Eat at In n Out burger more than I should.
.Give up drinking soda at least twice.
.Shop for fun things I can't afford.
.Feel inadequate.

.& Blog about it all.
Well that should keep me busy.
I'm already off to a great start.

Actually, I have found whilst reading other peoples blogs, that I find myself in awe of all that people can fit into a day. I wonder if I should be doing more. I mean I really like to follow the, simplify and family first, rule but then I am tempted into these other pursuits that could easily leave me feeling overwhelmed and very hostile towards the tasks at home that, given an option, I would hire out. Don't tell me, if money were no option, you wouldn't have someone else, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, driving your kids to school, etc.
So as I'm having an "I'm such a looser" moment, Boyd points out that anyone reading my blog would also think that I am a super woman kind of busy person and I shouldn't be so hard on myself.
So I will stop trying to keep up with "Business Housewife Divas" and tell you.
My life is very unglamorous but I choose the things I do, some I love, some I hate and therefore I add in sparkles and glue, good girlfriends and lots of hot hubby time.

Happy New Year to You.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Rewind part 2

Our extended family party. Lots of yummy grub and a ridiculous white elephant game. I mean white elephants used to be fun, you try to find the most bizarre or shocking gift and laugh at who goes home with it but these guys like to play where you actually buy something half decent . The problem arises when you have people grouping and scheming to get the prize they actually brought or where a kid picks the gift they wrapped themselves and is going throw a mass fit if your kid actually took it from them. Times this by 35 people and the chances are you gonna leave with a crap wwf calendar and wish you'd stayed at your awesome girl friends Christmas celebration.

Q:So what do you get, when you cross a bunch of scrapbookers with a party?
A:An entire table full of bows and ribbons and tags all blinged out and smelling sweet.
I'm so glad we planned this lunch amid our crazy holiday busyness. These ladies and our shared love of all things gluable, have been my happy place all year long. We have little but adhesive in common and each has her fair share of drama, some of which let loose at the table but we all love each other and to just sit and scrap together. Anyone who mocks, scrappin or quilting or book groups has never had the privilege of a good one. The title and craft is just a cover for "quality girl time with no rules"
So which of these 2 events would you rather be at? They occurred on the same day.

If your still reading I will throw in another fun tradition.
Boyd making Chex Mix.

It stinks up the whole house!! I love it when people walk in and smile as they recognize the smell.
This year we decided to share the love and made 30 bags, each with a little tag saying "don't forget Santa "chex" his list twice , so be good for goodness sake."

We delivered them to the neighbors to help counter act the sugar high from all the sweets.
While I'm on the subject, I wonder if there is a single person I know, who isn't on a diet, wishes they were on a diet, ought to be on a diet or who is in great physical shape because they don't eat crap? So why in holy heaven then, do people feel the need to hand make fancy truffles or mice from hershey kisses and peanuts (pretty impressive)and deliver them to MY HOUSE? 25 plates full in all. It is a neighborhood tradition/requirement to drop something off. We have, sort of, been off the hook the last couple of years since we were new and didn't know too many people but not this year and this can really get out of hand. I've decide that the Joy and happiness we feel at Christmas is more from the sugar rush than the actual fun, cos we're all so busy making gifts for neighbors that we are not joyful at all.
Ok, I am kidding but I do prefer to get crafty creative and make something. One year I actually delivered protein powder with some shake recipes to a couple of friends. They were most appreciative.
So the problem only exists because I feel, out of respect for the person who slaved over there peanut brittle (have mercy, that was so good I ate the whole plate:)that I should at least try them ALL. When you add this to you required tin of quality street and 3 Christmas puddings it's just not a good balance.

Today was my first Gym day of the new year!! UGH> I'm almost caught up :)

Sunday, January 3, 2010


It feels like the last 2 weeks have whizzed by in a blur and I'm not sure I'm ready to accept that they are done and over. I had some of the best times and experiences and I didn't share because, lets face it, I was too busy moving on to the next thing.
So this post is a big one but a re count of the last weeks happenings.
Every year I try to make Christmas about more than just presents. I'm not sure that I have succeeded yet but this was a close one. We had an activity plan for every day of the 12 leading to Christmas. Some involved finding something we loved, to donate or playing board games together.
I hosted Boyds company party and had fun with a white elephant game where we provided the prizes. Who knew people would get so excited over an external hard drive, a terabyte no less! Bunch of nerds.

Anyway, I asked, a bit cheeky of me really, if people would bring some donations for a local homeless shelter in exchange for raffle tickets for a prize. I was overwhelmed at the response. There are only 10 local employees and their other halves that came and this is what the collection looked like along with $300 cash.
The next day, we were able to go deliver this to local shelter.
As we pulled in behind a long line of cars and trucks, unloading all sorts of aide, a song kept ringing through my head
"I Saw God Today" I believe we can see the face of God in the people we serve but also in those serving us, standing in the freezing cold with a big smile and a Santa hat, ready to receive our small offering on behalf of the hundreds of families in need. I know if you want to see Christ you just have to look in the face of a man who acts in his behalf, using his own hands to replace the ones of our Savior.
This was my most precious moment this Christmas.
I also heard as we entered the building that Curt and Jordans's High school had raise $82,000 for them and turned it in that day. I am still choked as I think of it. Go Silverwolves!!
Then as we pulled around to the next block where people were lined up for lunch outside a soup kitchen, I noticed how half the line were holding the same tied up carrier bag full of pot noodles and such. Then as we drove towards the end of the line we saw a couple of young guys with the back of there hummer open, loaded to the top with these bags as they personally made sure each person had food for a couple of days. Again I was humbled and I smiled. You see I'm one of the few who still believes that the natural man is GOOD.I saw God Today and I'm grateful for that.

Now I'm all teary again so I will continue the rewind tomorrow.....