Saturday, January 9, 2010

January is back in session.

I know it's January and I should be giving you my list of major achievement goals for the new year and decade.
Going to climb a mountain, jump out of a plane, start a company, loose 10lb, meet someone famous, invite them to dinner and become BFF's landing me on the front of a people magazine titled "Mormon Mommy does her own version of Big Love with Hollywood Hottie......Ok I'm getting carried away here but frankly I have Nothing for ya, Nada. No promises I won't keep past a month. Just January, another month on the calendar.

It's snowing and freezing, the kids are back in school, the gym is packed of course, a new semester for Curt, 5 days left to graduation for Jordan and I just barely packed up the Christmas decorations.
So no promises, just a pledge to:
.Not kill anyone in my household this year despite there ability to push to my limit.
.Spend my entire budget every month.
.pick up crap off my floor and yell at someone at least once a week.
.Do more than my body weight in laundry once a week.
.Start a diet most Mondays ;)
.Eat at In n Out burger more than I should.
.Give up drinking soda at least twice.
.Shop for fun things I can't afford.
.Feel inadequate.

.& Blog about it all.
Well that should keep me busy.
I'm already off to a great start.

Actually, I have found whilst reading other peoples blogs, that I find myself in awe of all that people can fit into a day. I wonder if I should be doing more. I mean I really like to follow the, simplify and family first, rule but then I am tempted into these other pursuits that could easily leave me feeling overwhelmed and very hostile towards the tasks at home that, given an option, I would hire out. Don't tell me, if money were no option, you wouldn't have someone else, cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, driving your kids to school, etc.
So as I'm having an "I'm such a looser" moment, Boyd points out that anyone reading my blog would also think that I am a super woman kind of busy person and I shouldn't be so hard on myself.
So I will stop trying to keep up with "Business Housewife Divas" and tell you.
My life is very unglamorous but I choose the things I do, some I love, some I hate and therefore I add in sparkles and glue, good girlfriends and lots of hot hubby time.

Happy New Year to You.


ClistyB said...

well, you certainly cant be jealous of my to-do list. Every other task is 'nap' And I do that quite well I might add.
Look at this one, it made me laugh. Hard.

Natalie said...

wowzer, I had to laugh amidst that mammoth list she included, small vacation with family. Like she could fit them in.

Marianne said...

It was SO GOOD to see Curt yesterday. Paul was really touched that he came, and so was I. What a good kid!!

And you ARE amazing, you must surely know that??!! How could you not know that? You just keep right on blogging with your awesome wit, and I'll keep reading and marveling at how wonderful you are!!

Happy New Year to you, too!! XOXO

Tycksen Family said...

Love your to do list! I love seeing Curt at Smith's...makes me feel like I get a part of you with my day! He is always so sweet. I love your scrapbook are amazing.

Happy New Year and Happy January!

Love ya!