Monday, January 18, 2010

I WANT one!!

Today, I picture Veruca Salt, yelling and stomping around saying I WANT ONE Daddy, get it for me NOW!!! Ok maybe a little exaggeration but I did feel a certain special flutter in my heart as I wondered the car show.

My first sighting was this custom camaro, I couldn't have imagined a better use of orange on a car and oh how I LOVE my orange accents.
BUT WAIT... it comes all murdered out,

now THAT, is sexy
But wait there was more,

Then I decided,I must be a cowgirl after all because there's something about 600 horses, neatly compacted into a metal stable that makes me want to yell "YEEHAA" and do a seductive hip dance.

Oh why wasn't I born to arab royalty or the bratty, drug child of a rock star? They could never fully LOVE this like I would.
Isn't this cutest snow car you ever saw!

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