Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Girlfriends are like shoes.

Today I had a thought,it's surprising what crosses your mind when you are alone a good chunk of the day with only housework and drudgery to fill your brain. Whilst looking at my pile of boots in the bottom of my closet, wondering how I could organize them better, googleing it and then being sidetracked by many articles and blogs and wondering if I should kick a large child out, so I can convert his room to a closet for shoes.So during all that thinking, I wondered, How many shoes is ok? I mean, I read the average woman has 30 and who wants to be average? I do have a friend who only has about 5 , by choice and frankly I think she needs therapy. So I started counting, (do flip flops and slippers and snow boots count?)So then of course my A.D.D. mind starts to wonder and soon, as I am contemplating, getting rid of a few...GASP... I think shoes are like girlfriends. You need different ones for different things and although you may have a ton, there are only a few that will go the distance.

For instance The black boot- who can live without it, it fits, it's comfortable, it goes with everything, it's the one you would actually take care of and polish, maybe even re sole it. It's the friend who knows all about you and still loves you. Who lets you rant but calls you on your crap. It's the one you'd apologize to and make things right.

Then there's the trainers/ tennis shoes- they're good for a couple of hours but can get sweaty and mean your working.You always feel better when you've worked them hard. The friend who makes you do scary things outside your comfort zone but helps you feel better about yourself when your done, the one who convinces you to buy the purse that is too expensive but you deserve :)

sandals- they mean it's time to relax, cut loose have fun but in an easy way. They are the 9 o'clock movie or the meet me for lunch in an hour friend.

Then there's the snowboot- ever practical, reliable, ready for action when needed but doesn't get enough love from you.

Every girls love/hate- the stiletto/ the hooker heel- it makes you feel good about yourself, like your invincible, like you own the place. But beware;-) it makes you do things you wouldn't normally do. It's not always right for church or grocery shopping but she'll be sure you have a great night out with friends and liven up any gathering.

Oh I could break it down even more but I've already started thinking about other stuff

So what kind of friend are you?


Boyd said...

I love this. I'm more of a thong (flip flop in England) guy and I am not going to explain that. If you don't get it... tough.

Marianne said...

You guys make me laugh!

This is a great post, Nat, and I'm trying to decide what kind of shoe I am...

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