Monday, February 1, 2010


It's been over 10 years now since we built our first house in Provo. The whole street emerged in a matter of months, ruining the existing view for the neighbors "below" us. Our homes were squeezed together, meaning less yard work for me but more house for our meager starter home budget. We all moved in together, some of us hung out together, some even had babies at the same time. Eventually, as life happens, most of us have moved on and yet we stay in touch and still laugh together or sometimes at each other :)
Last week our crazy friend Shelly, ran a half marathon in St. George. Of course she invited us to run but since we obviously have more brain cells than her ( she did have 5 kids in 10 years) or less free spirits, you choose, we declined and went anyway as the cheer squad!!!
Hey any excuse to hang out for the weekend with no bedtime, curfew or "MUM!!"

This is the gorgeous home of Jen's uncle, so cool, I would love to see it in the hot sun with the pool all cool and wet. Anyway we stayed there and discovered on the way to it that there's an actual biggest looser ranch down the road.

Of course we went in, hoping for a glimpse of someone famous but they don't actually film at this venue. Bummer.
Then on to the marathon.

Shelly did awesome and we were pretty dang good cheerers :)Of course she had the " I thought I was going to die" reaction at the end and about 3 minutes later was ready to sign up for another race.
It was really cool to see all the people, every age, shape and size running and I was glad I am healthy and able to make the choice to NOT run :)

At first when we saw this girl with full on up-do brained hair and LARGE flower I thought, a bit OTT maybe but then we saw the cute guy all in black and their shirts had their names and "running in love" on them , we figured they were just married and although I heard lots of mumblings around me about what they'd rather be doing on their wedding day,of course like us, none of the mumblers were running! but I thought it was inspiring that their marriage was starting out with a pledge to be healthy together.
I had a blast, just hanging with Jen. We giggled and chatted til the wee hours of the morning. It is cool when your lives are really so different and yet you just get along and are happy for each others accomplishments. I've always loved the way Jen will jump at the chance to do anything, 9:30pm, "ya wanna see a movie?" sure, 2 weeks notice, ya wanna go to St.George?, sure. Choose a paint color though and it's a different story :)
After the race we headed to Vegas.

We seriously had the best view ever from our hotel. We shopped for hours or at least walked around the shops,there was a runway show and then the whole catwalk dropped down into the ground. Planet Hollywood was a fun hotel to stay at. We ate at the best sushi buffet ever ($$$).
The time went too quick, I want to go again....SOON.

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