Thursday, February 25, 2010

Favors for friends.

I Remember when I was going to college and had to rely on you all to be my guinea pig?
Can you please LET me cut your hair, or do your make up or give you a full body, aromatherapy, massage? Some things were better than others. Those freebies continued for years after I had full skills and got paid by others but I am grateful that people let me DO stuff to them BEFORE I had a clue. Just imagine a bikini wax from someone who hasn't done it before!!! OWWEEE.

Anyway, yesterday I returned the favor for a friend who is in Phlebotomy training, ha, "phleb" just sounds funny to me. "your such a phleb!!" even Ronan cracked a smile and raised an eyebrow when I said the word.
So for those who don't know what a phleb is, I didn't, it's the nice lady who takes your blood and says "just a little scratch" LIAR!!
My neighbor asked and I obliged, here's the picks as proof.

She got credit per poke and luckily had enough after 2 from me or I might look like a watering can today.
The things we do.....


Nurse Heidi said...

Ha ha ha! Can't tell you how many pokes I've had over the years from newbies. I had so many cantakerous nurses that wouldn't let me poke an actual patient while I was in training that I did very few while I was in nursing school. Consequently, when I precept students, I always give them the opportunity to poke. Better me than some old lady with scrawny limp veins running through her baggy arms.

The Blackham3 said...

This just proves what a great friend you are... I too have offfered up my veins to new nurses/students. They have to learn somehow. It is better to guide them while working on me, then while making an attempt on a tiny baby while mom is standing over.....