Thursday, February 25, 2010

In search of Sun.

Boyd and I took a quick trip down to St.George in search of sun and freedom from....well anything really.

The drive looked something like this!
Pretty slow and scary. It would be quite peacefully mesmerizing if there wasn't always some moron 6 feet from your back lights.
The Parade of homes provided our entertainment and I decided that if you don't play golf, you just wouldn't fit in in St. George but then since when have I wanted to "fit in"
We saw some pretty cool looking homes, a bit more contempory and my style.

I was mostly drawn to all the little patios and out door living spaces.

The thought of sitting out in the morning with the paper and a big mug. Leisurely looking glam with my hair pulled up on top of my head and a loose, cotton shirt of Boyd's, over my tan, sculpted body. Ok OK that was a movie but you know what I mean.
Since the dogs have un done, all the wonderful attempts at our out door living space, you know the one we took months over last summer, I think they are search of a golden bone or dead body or maybe just the ball that's actually under the sofa. Well since then, I only dream of such things and maybe there not being snow on the ground so for now, trips to St. George is it.
We are going again in a couple of weeks.

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