Thursday, February 4, 2010

Ready when you are :)

I finally chose a vanity and sink.

Who knew, European plumbing was a different size than American? NO COMMENT BOYD! Of course I wasn't going to put a standard home depot sink in my "loft style" basement but fortunately my Hubby, who has exactly 48 more minutes patients than our hired plumber, was able to install a few adapters and voila, bobs your uncle, running water, power flushing toilet (don't drop your phone in it) and an almost complete guest bathroom. I need to get a mirror and shower curtain but rest assured they are only a choice and an hour away and could be ready as soon as you decide to come and stay. I must warn however, that Jordan has taken to the idea of his own room and has been told he can't stay in it, the guest room, not the bathroom in case you were wondering, unless he's a guest. He said he was moving out today and he'll come visit tonight. Ya dig?


ClistyB said...

Well done! I like the vanity on the legs like that.

Boyd said...

Multiple points in this post that I laughed. Thanks and good job on the design. Love it.

Kristen and Co. said...

Nice! I've always loved your taste!