Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A little tease for summer.

They say Teenage girls seem to suffer with self esteem problems (I would extend that to large majority of females)
But Boys....


Is is hard to get a picture of these two where they are NOT posing.

I mean, who can pose while plummeting down a water shoot? I'm just trying to breath and not loose my swimsuit!
Zoolander, one of there favorite movies, say no more.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

He's naked!!

My English peeps may not agree since I used to take care of most of you but for anyone living in Utah you can relate when I say how hard it is to find a decent hairdresser!
My poor Hobbs found this out when I took him to his first pampered pet spa appointment.

Oh my gosh he's so stinking cute!

He's naked!!
I was wrong to pressume a groomer would know how to trim a dogs coat without shaving him, leaving clipper lines and making me almost cry when I saw him.
Just picture your little 2 year old princess with her blond curley locks, asking for a trim and tidy and coming back to a hack buzz cut, ya feel me?

Well I promptly took action.

Just cuz!

Usually these two little words, when strung together and presented as a response to any question, would cause my shoulders to tense and a harsh "WHAT THE H*** KIND OF ANSWER IS THAT?" to come blurting out of my mouth.
Q. why did you write all your friends names on your dresser?
Q. why did you cut your own hair when I am in the other room and.....TRAINED to do so?
Q. why did you think your car would drive through 3 feet of mud?

I mean, surely they have some sort of explanation to these actions but often the answer is "just cuz"

Well today, whilst stimulating the economy ( my new response to support the world economical crisis) Boyd stepped out of the store to do some business ( I thought maybe check out the apple store next door) He promptly returned with a little black bag with a little black box all prim and neat and then presented me with a fabulous gift.
When I asked why?
You guessed he replied "just cuz"!!!!!!

Love my new shades.
Hey "I hate you" is also a phrase I can't stand so don't be hating or I may need to get another gift "just cuz" :)

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Chexk out my layout.

I sent a layout to a blog for scrappers. Go and check it out and some of the pages on there.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

who doesn't love new shoes!!

This is what happens when a creative girl wants new shoes.

She'll make you a laptop too if you need one, complete with mouse, power supply and extra games.
Feel free to tell me this is completely normal!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

What would you do?

So there's just been an 7.2 earthquake, homes have been destroyed and people are hurt and panicking. If your plan of action is to grab your diet coke so it doesn't spill and turn up the TV cos the sirens are so loud, then you weren't at the mock disaster training this morning, which took place throughout our whole city.
We grabbed our 72 hour kits, one of which had all it's food replaced by mice droppings (seriously) and headed to the command center to find classes, prizes, games and tons of very useful info.

I learned so much, it was well worth the couple of hours to see how organized and prepared our area is. I learned how to gather resources and the ladder of commands to pool excess to send out or more likely needs to draw in.
There were a couple of hundred people there.
I learned the reality of how unprepared most of us are.

I am grateful there are people dedicated to this. Education is the greatest tool. I have added to my resources over the years and feel a little more peaceful about the whole thing but we can always do better.

Oh, and we got 3 MP3 players and a can of pancake mix.
Thanks everyone .

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Helping a friend

I love to hear about an awesome family, winning a battle so encourage you to check out this blog post and help if you can.

Follow this link for more information if you're interested. http://web.me.com/aaronshamy/Spiderman_Fights_Cancer/Daily_Updates_Blog/Entries/2009/2/16_ESCAPE_FROM_ALCATRAZ_~_A_CALL_FOR_HELP.html

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Ronan.

We just love this kid!! Ronan is the most mellow kid I've ever met, his extreme excitement is shown in a raised eyebrow or quick huff.Today he turns 10 and the loud happy sounds coming from his boy party are so fun to witness.
I love being Mum to so many boys, each one so unique.

Ronan has the whole world in his fingertips, he is so awesome.

Thursday, March 5, 2009

'cos I can.

Today I got to hang out with Jordan and his buds as they went on a field trip to the state capitol. I'm so impressed with all these kids, tomorrows leaders. They were all quite and respectful and we got to hear a little of what goes in the house of representatives. Cool stuff. I feel pretty lucky that I can be available to do stuff like this with my chillins.

A fond farewell

It's been a week since I got back from England and to be frank it's taken me that long to get my head back in the game, it's pretty hard to say goodbye to your family and not know how long it'll be til you meet again.
So for all those who think I'm a spoiled jetsetter....I am :) but actually this trip was for a final farewell to my Nan "connie"

She is my Grandma, my Dad's Mum. She was so much fun growing up. She's feisty lady that I think invented "telling it like it is" much to the offense of everyone, but for some reason, I was never offended by her. She taught us to play cards and Bingo, still my favorite game, she was happy to dance alone and always won the raffle. She loved life, always thought she was young and loved her 3 boys who could do no wrong. What a great lady. I'm glad she gets to rest a while now after a hard slog these last few years but I'm sure her rest will be short lived and the party will soon be in full swing in Heaven.

So Nana...til we meet again