Saturday, March 28, 2009

Just cuz!

Usually these two little words, when strung together and presented as a response to any question, would cause my shoulders to tense and a harsh "WHAT THE H*** KIND OF ANSWER IS THAT?" to come blurting out of my mouth.
Q. why did you write all your friends names on your dresser?
Q. why did you cut your own hair when I am in the other room and.....TRAINED to do so?
Q. why did you think your car would drive through 3 feet of mud?

I mean, surely they have some sort of explanation to these actions but often the answer is "just cuz"

Well today, whilst stimulating the economy ( my new response to support the world economical crisis) Boyd stepped out of the store to do some business ( I thought maybe check out the apple store next door) He promptly returned with a little black bag with a little black box all prim and neat and then presented me with a fabulous gift.
When I asked why?
You guessed he replied "just cuz"!!!!!!

Love my new shades.
Hey "I hate you" is also a phrase I can't stand so don't be hating or I may need to get another gift "just cuz" :)


ClistyB said...

I can see your eye looking at the camera thru the specs. Gave me a little shock!
Coldwater Creek?
good job, Boyd.

Kara said...

Love the shades. I love "just cuz" for that purpose for sure.