Saturday, March 14, 2009

What would you do?

So there's just been an 7.2 earthquake, homes have been destroyed and people are hurt and panicking. If your plan of action is to grab your diet coke so it doesn't spill and turn up the TV cos the sirens are so loud, then you weren't at the mock disaster training this morning, which took place throughout our whole city.
We grabbed our 72 hour kits, one of which had all it's food replaced by mice droppings (seriously) and headed to the command center to find classes, prizes, games and tons of very useful info.

I learned so much, it was well worth the couple of hours to see how organized and prepared our area is. I learned how to gather resources and the ladder of commands to pool excess to send out or more likely needs to draw in.
There were a couple of hundred people there.
I learned the reality of how unprepared most of us are.

I am grateful there are people dedicated to this. Education is the greatest tool. I have added to my resources over the years and feel a little more peaceful about the whole thing but we can always do better.

Oh, and we got 3 MP3 players and a can of pancake mix.
Thanks everyone .

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