Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Our $2000 tomato.

No we didn't just win, "best in show" at the county fair, this is actually a reference to about how much we've spent over the years trying to grow vegetables. Who ever said growing a garden is provident living is apparently much greener thumbed than we are but this year we finally have started to see the fruits or vegetables of our labors.
We have tried the tub planters, which apparently only grow if a stray sprinkler waters them (we never did it on purpose) A huge back yard plot, which became a weedfest very quickly since no one wanted to go out there in the rain. A square foot box made out of 2x4's plonked smack dab in the middle of my pathway (the book said somewhere where you'll remember to care for it)Then finally this beautiful structure of meditative permanence.

We paid far too much for pre mixed soil that hasn't grown so much as a weed.

So you see, this little tomato has quite a price tag and since getting it, we have had quite a harvest. so I had to share. Pictures anyway, your not getting the fruits of our (well Boyd's) labor.

Cashing in our Disney day

Back in March, our family took part in the Disney "give a day, get a day" program. We each made 3 children's blankets to be given to a child that is often with no personal belongings.

In return, Disney gave us each a free day (total value $380, not too shabby)
Not only did we get these cool badges which we wore with pride all day but

They actually had a mini parade to honor volunteers with a bunch of muppet characters in work clothes. Very Cool.

So if you thought Disney was the happiest place on earth before then imagine it being free and then the happy goes up a notch.

I'll let you in on a little secret, The last week in August(or the week before Thanksgiving) is the best time to go to a theme park. It seems everyone is back at school but us and the parks are still open, full, peak season hours.

We had so much leisure time with short lines that we went on all the little in betweener rides AND even hung out in toon town for a bit.
Am I the only person on the planet, despite meeting Mickey many times, that is still shocked at how small he is? He is a mouse after all.

My Happy Place.

We just got back yesterday from a relaxing trip to Sunny, southern California. As I started browsing my gazillion photos,I realized I couldn't possibly do this trip justice so let me just say that we love this place. We went to a few theme parks but had tons of time to just hang out and enjoy the relaxing ocean. We walked, ran on the beach, ate all manner of "bad for us" food, confirming the fact that it makes you feel junk. This is part one of a few days in pics. Hope you enjoy

Where we stayed.

Where we played.

Can you guess which picture I took ? I must be the only blogger on the planet that hasn't got mad camera skills! Or have I ? ;-) Maybe I took this silhouette to conceal my man's hotness. You'll never know.