Friday, June 8, 2012

Why wait?

Oh ok, I won't leave you hanging. I came home to ...... The tramp was in the ground, the fence back up. The new sprinkler system laid and working. The dump truck load of topsoil in place and a truck load of compost dirt covering the beds, trees planted. Oh AND a tidy house!! Yeah I know, my man rocks. We still have some work to do here but pretty happy with the progress.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Busy Busy

Well it's been a while and it seems odd to go back and recap on events but some of them were massive. Be patient as I try to add lots of pics to show what's been going on in these parts. First of all there was this: It has always been hard for me to know, that 2 of my babies are not sealed to me for eternity. Oh I know we get the "it'll all work out in the end" speech but with the knowledge I have, this has been a hard thing for a Mum. Right before Curt's mission, he wrote to the first presidency to get permission to be sealed to Boyd and I.(It is required that a minor, under 21, have written consent of a biological parent, in order to be sealed to another. Yeah, I believe "over his dead body" was the response to that request, so not a total No but once I realized, hiring a hit man would in fact hinder, my entry to the Temple, Curt wrote the letter)He received a reply from the main man himself (Pres. Monson, in case you were thinking from God, lol G only texts)He was told, that it was ok to wait and he'd be just fine and safe on his mission. Skip forward and Curt turn's 21. His birthday request...and I'm thinking, ipad? laptop? groceries for a the poor newly weds? No his request is to be sealed to us in the Timpanogus Temple, same place Boyd and I were sealed. That's a pretty big happening don't you think. Asha & Ronan were able to attend which is a pretty rare thing for a young child so it was a pretty special day. The man who has raised and taught my son to be a man, is finally recognized as his Father for eternity, as if he were born that way. Of course my heart still aches for my missing baby but I have peace and hope on that front. Whew, does it get better than that? well maybe not better but still huge. We decided to sink the trampoline. The homes behind us are filling in and this may be our last chance to get a back hoe back there so game on. It started with dismantling a fence, then moving a wall. Digging a hole. Breaking our entire sprinkler system. Woops. Dropping the retaining casing, very nifty stuff. A bit of man flexing. A little tree shopping. Then I went away for a weekend ( My special Birthday gift, I'll tell all later) And I came home to.......... to be continued.