Friday, January 4, 2013

Christmas Quickie

You know your in Utah when there is snow on the ground and everyone goes out in shorts and t-shirts.
You know your not 'from" Utah when you still take every opportunity to see a Prophet of God speak in the flesh.
You know your a teenager, when despite being surrounded by incredible creations, each representing a lost or terminally ill child, you have a bad attitude and wonder "are we done yet?"
You know your new puppy was born when you realize the only Christmas pictures you have are of him...but so cute.
Did you know, there are new outlets in Lehi? AWESOME!
You know you've had 17 winters in Utah when you finally break down and buy a snow blower.
You know your a workaholic when you sign up for an extra shift Christmas Day
You know your a Bieber fan when all you've wanted for the past 2 years is purple high tops like his...and finally they come in a youth size.
you know your a nerd if, well if your in my family, actually scratch that, we only have a couple but that's all I need to support me in my aging years.
you know it's Christmas when there's Yorkshire pudding and crackers on the table
and we wear our tissue crowns.
and Yes, in case you were wondering, that is a Santa hat and I did wear it all week, including to the mall and city creek and a movie :-)