Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Disney give a day...

Some of you may have seen adds from Disney, to give a day of service in exchange for a 1 day ticket into a disney park. We weren't planning a disney trip this year but seem to migrate towards Cali most summers so I thought it might be great way for the kids to "earn" their entry. There is a huge list of services to choose from but since some had an age limit we opted to make blankets for achildrens "circle of love" foundation. Often, kids taken from their homes or refuges have no personal belongings at all and so these blankets are given to them to keep.
Asha and I picked out all the fleece, enough to make 15 blankets and we set to cutting and tying them.

It was allot of fun, we hung out in my room watching movies as we tied. I think we watched 5 movies over 2 days so you get the idea this wasn't as quick as it may seem.

It was actually nice to have the kids hanging out, interacting and helping each other. I will definately be looking for deals on fleece so we can do this again (minus the disney ticket)

Each one of the blankets was kissed and hugged by us all, even Curt and Boyd, then tied with a heart ribbon and sent on it's way.
I hope some little child will feel our warm hug as he wraps this blankie around himself.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Ronan is special.

I don't mean that in a "politically correct" way of saying "spaz head" although that's exactly the word that I'm thinking now that I post these pictures.
You see Ronan is, entirely his own person. Since birth he has caused people to wonder why he's "different". He's completely chilled, so laid back he could fall over. Not in a hurry for anything, usually with his hands in his pockets.
There are so many things I LOVE about Ronan but mostly it is how huggable he is. He always wants a hug and kiss, I know he just turned 11 and I wonder if that'll go away but for now, he is happy to display affection and doesn't care who thinks he's nerdy or who feels the need to race or beat him at something.
This is him with his nerdy "spaz head" friends, They are so much fun.
Happy Birthday Ricearoni, Ronius Maximus, Xavier, Rice.
Love You