Thursday, February 4, 2010

silent night

No it's not Christmas already but rest assured it will be a silent, peaceful night tonight. I have been waking up restless over the clutter and disorder that surrounds my days. I am in an endless cycle of laundry, dishes, dust and dog hair (non shedding HA!! it's a good job he's so flippin" cute) Any Mum knows what I'm talking about. We seem to be in a non stop cyclone of mess and no one seems to notice or care but us. Is your violin out yet?
Well, I see these shows on HGTV, talk about a sanctuary for sanity or in other words, a quiet, happy place that no one can mess with. Maybe a big bubble bath or reading corner.

Today I conquered a place that will bring a smile to my face when ever I enter it.....
My closet.
I know I have talked allot about shoes lately, what can I say, they have been with me all my life and since the age of about 13 they have remained the same size. Ok there was the jump for 7 to 9 when I came to the US, not as bad as being a 40 if I'd moved to Europe but the blow was softened by my clothes size going from a 12 to an 8. That's why I stay here, really. 10 stone sounds better than 140lbs though....I am sidetracked.

I just wanted to share my new happy place.

I added a bunch of shelves. Home depot will cut the wood and Boyd helped me level and screw. Now ALL my shoes have a place and YES, there are a few openings to be filled.

I discovered, where would we be without google, that if you roll up magazines and shove them in your boots, that they stand up tall and will line up nicely, 2 lines may be necessary.

and finally a place for the pile of bags. They have become the accessory of the moment but what do you do with them all, really? I'm asking. What do YOU do with yours?

So once more, the West Jordan DI is the place to be this week and if you need me, I'll be sat cross legged in my new happy place, humming kumbyahhhhh.


Marianne said...

You are awesome. Amazing. That's all I have to say.

Tycksen Family said...

I ditto Marianne's comment. It looks Fantastic!