Sunday, January 3, 2010


It feels like the last 2 weeks have whizzed by in a blur and I'm not sure I'm ready to accept that they are done and over. I had some of the best times and experiences and I didn't share because, lets face it, I was too busy moving on to the next thing.
So this post is a big one but a re count of the last weeks happenings.
Every year I try to make Christmas about more than just presents. I'm not sure that I have succeeded yet but this was a close one. We had an activity plan for every day of the 12 leading to Christmas. Some involved finding something we loved, to donate or playing board games together.
I hosted Boyds company party and had fun with a white elephant game where we provided the prizes. Who knew people would get so excited over an external hard drive, a terabyte no less! Bunch of nerds.

Anyway, I asked, a bit cheeky of me really, if people would bring some donations for a local homeless shelter in exchange for raffle tickets for a prize. I was overwhelmed at the response. There are only 10 local employees and their other halves that came and this is what the collection looked like along with $300 cash.
The next day, we were able to go deliver this to local shelter.
As we pulled in behind a long line of cars and trucks, unloading all sorts of aide, a song kept ringing through my head
"I Saw God Today" I believe we can see the face of God in the people we serve but also in those serving us, standing in the freezing cold with a big smile and a Santa hat, ready to receive our small offering on behalf of the hundreds of families in need. I know if you want to see Christ you just have to look in the face of a man who acts in his behalf, using his own hands to replace the ones of our Savior.
This was my most precious moment this Christmas.
I also heard as we entered the building that Curt and Jordans's High school had raise $82,000 for them and turned it in that day. I am still choked as I think of it. Go Silverwolves!!
Then as we pulled around to the next block where people were lined up for lunch outside a soup kitchen, I noticed how half the line were holding the same tied up carrier bag full of pot noodles and such. Then as we drove towards the end of the line we saw a couple of young guys with the back of there hummer open, loaded to the top with these bags as they personally made sure each person had food for a couple of days. Again I was humbled and I smiled. You see I'm one of the few who still believes that the natural man is GOOD.I saw God Today and I'm grateful for that.

Now I'm all teary again so I will continue the rewind tomorrow.....

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Boyd said...

Thank you Natalie for making this Christmas a special one in so many ways. I won't forget the Hummer full of food for those that needed it. I became just a little bit less judgmental that day and slightly more humble.