Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Since I could write...

I have written and sent Christmas cards. One year, still in elementary, I sent 60 and longingly waited to receive..... STILL WAITING!!!!
Back in England, we tend to stay put in the same house, job, ward etc so the list of friends & family is not so big. Seriously people, I have 4 cousins!!
Now in the US it's, we move, they move, we move, they move and so my list gets longer. I'm at 75 so far.
Over the years I have sent letters and pictures but always a homemade card which I absolutley love to do.
I have learned that:
1, anything "lumpy" is returned for additional postage,
2, stamps do not stick to cello envelopes and need to be glued individually,
3, cello envelopes are returned for additional postage,
4, even a simple brad is considered "lumpy"
5, any size except 4.25 x 5.5 is requires additional postage (sorry Marci, you card was adorable)
6, I only receive a fraction of the cards I send!!!! It's not too late.

Just so you know, I keep all the homemade cards you send in honor of the time taken and put them on a scrapbook layout.

Also, I decided to make a board to put all the friends and family pics on which will hang in my family room, so feel free to send. If your my friend that is.

the bottom line says "To have a friend, you must be a friend.

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Tycksen Family said...

LOVE your magnet board Nat! It is wonderful...and thank you for your awesome card that you are inspiring me to still send out cards.

I love that saying too!!!