Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Just like Oprah!

Well minus the money, homes, personal chefs etc etc, oh yes and I'm white!
I'm referring to yo yo weight gain/loss.

I found myself in a desperate attempt to dress my cute "tom boy" in some clothes we both liked. I figured the "rock star" look, with black and some sparkle with boots etc might work for her when she observantly pointed out, as only a loving 7 year old can, that her jeans were very skinny. I replied, "I know, they are supposed to be, just like Mummy's" at which point she shares, yours aren't skinny!

So here I am again looking at my weight gain and wondering how and why I get here every other year or so. I fluctuate 10lbs but it effects me tremendously.
I am bravely sharing my pics for all you saying "puuleeeese"






Tonight is my first night at weight watchers,something I haven't tried before.
I feel very positive about this program since my sister in law lost my entire body weight on it.

Julias Before and After Pics

I feel lucky that my starting weight is still within my "healthy" range and if I lost 10% of my body weight (WW recommended first goal)I would be at my High school, Wedding,and ideal weight. The fact is, I can't fit in my clothes, I hate shopping, I feel disgusting and I'm a cow to be around with all this negative vibe.
So wish me luck people, I have a serious addiction to all things salty.


Tycksen Family said...

Good Luck Nat...BUT, I must say ...you always look GOOD! And I am serious...you are a beautiful woman...inside and OUT!
One thing I always admire about you is that you are a goal setter and you go for it! WAY TO GO>>>AND HERE IS A HUG PAT ON THE BACK!

Nurse Heidi said...

Good luck! I have to confess to being a bit neurotic about my weight. If the scale nudges up by 3 or 4 pounds and stays there, it sends me fleeing to the gym. I don't feel good when I hang on to extra weight.

Those pictures of your sister in law are absolutely amazing! Good for her.