Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"ya wanna jump out of a plane?"

I mean seriously, wouldn't you think about it for a little bit? Nope!!! Sure was Boyd's response and off they went.
I was freakin out as the intro video mentioned you may be trading your life for a short thrill and then theres the whole, flying with NO DOOR!! but these guys couldn't even get nervous if they tried.
We wondered where Ronan got his chilled demeanor but it is pretty clear now, IT AIN'T FROM ME, so here is the proof.


Boyd said...

Just a comment for all those who plan to do this in the future. When they tell you to pull the left line as hard as you can so you can go into a controlled spin, pretend you do not have strength because I still have a headache and feel kind of nauseous. It is fun but then, all of a sudden, you get this really sick feeling. The rest of the jump was fun. I'd recommend it to anyone.

Tycksen Family said...

Way to go Boyd!! Wow, don't know if I would be that gutsy...but, thanks for the heads up...just in case :)!!!

The Blackham3 said...

What a brave man! How much IS HIS LIFE INSURANCE worth????

Natalie said...

I got a sick feeling it might be voided if you "commit suicide" so nada.