Thursday, October 16, 2008

Look who turned 6!

In case you were thinking I've lost it and can't remember how old Asha is, don't worry, I'm not talking about her but Aspen AKA "bunny". We lovingly built her on Asha's first birthday as an homage to a tradition.

When I was born, my Mum hand knitted me a bunny as she had for my brother and did for my younger cousins. (Don't get over excited people, I only have 4 cousins total so we grew up together and know everyones names and birthdays:) Anywhoo, I apparently took a fancy to my brothers bunny and it became my life long buddy. I do recall knitting his bunny a soccer scarf, maybe deep down I thought it might have abandonment issues but I only had love for mine, or his as it goes.

Wow, do I have ADD? I'm very easily sidetracked.

So growing up, I took great care of bunny, I have no idea if it's male or female, and that hasn't seemed to matter but was always my comfort when in need.

I decided that Asha needed a friend to love as appose to a collection of friends so we take bunny to buildabear every birthday and get her something new, a way to feel special. Last year it was a Batman costume! Well this is Asha we are talking about, but anyway, despite my best efforts, Asha has so many "friends" on her bed, she often sleeps on the floor so I am posting a happy birthday message to bunny's the world over, may they give love and comfort to all in need.

BTW my bunny looks pretty good for 40 don't cha think?


The Blackham3 said...

I am loving your blog. Way to go! It is very addicting. I blog stalk every night. I have learned to allow only 15 min. a day, otherwise I might spend hours "catching up". I am so glad I saw your update. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to ASHA! Welcome to the blogging community. I need a girls night. Let me know.

Marianne said...

Natalie!!! It's good to see you! I love your blog....