Tuesday, October 28, 2008

kids say the funniest things

So we are off on our usual treck to find pumpkins. I wonder why since we don't eat them but make more work for ourselves in the emptying and carving process just to have them sit out and rot!! I know the answer "cos the kids like to" Anyway, while Asha finds this cute little baby one and cradles it like a nuturing mother should, a gene she got from her Dad, not me, she says "I need to change it's diaper, it's all full of seeds" Ha!! Made me think of those early nursing diapers.

I like this little place just south of the District in South Jordan, not to over whelming with a kids corn maze, lots of tractors and photo ops. Now I just need to get my kids to smile for the camera. I think we got 2 out of about 30 pictures.

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Tycksen Family said...

Very cute pictures Nat! You look especially pretty!!