Wednesday, April 11, 2012

One in one out.

Just as one of my boys jumps into teenhood, another one leaves. I can't believe Jordan is 20! It even looked old on the card I made but for the next 3 weeks I have 2 20 year old sons.
Jordan is a workhorse. He works seven days a week and any time he has a spare minute, he's under a car or building something. I could not be more proud of this son. He has a gentle nature and a wicked sense of humor although most of his jokes I couldn't repeat, despite spitting food as he tells them.
He has given me plenty of nights of worry and used a good few of his 9 lives on his daredevil stunts but when it comes down to real stuff of life like working and paying bills he is top of the class.
I couldn't love this kid any more if I tried.

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Boyd said...

Love you Jordan. You have opened my eyes and heart in many ways. I too could not be more proud or happy with you.