Monday, March 12, 2012

Made for Monday

We had a birthday this week. Growing up, I used to love seeing my cards, proudly displayed on the mantle. Everyone that comes by, would be able to see them and wish me a happy birthday. I would keep them up for as long as my Mum could stand them before stashing them away to keep forever. The tradition of sending cards lives on with my English family who always send them for birthdays and Christmas but it is not a regular occurrence here, unless someone is gifting money then a card seems necessary. For Ronan, the mantle is quite bare, so I decided to jump on the "banner wagon" and announced his birthday to everyone that comes by, with a banner.
What's that you say? nobody comes by. Oh well I will announce it to Ronan that he is thought of.


Julie said...

Ooo, I like it! I wish I was that handy with paper.

Marianne said...

VERY cute, Natalie. And Ronan knows he is loved.