Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Too Busy

It's funny, when I am having fun and taking snaps, I am too busy to blog but when I have time to blog, I have nothing to report.
Just me writing this is evidence that either a) I have nothing to do  or b) I am postponing what I need to do.
A couple of weeks ago was scrapbook USA weekend here in UT. Traditionally I have gotten together with my  gluebuds and scrapped into the night but since my super scouter hubby was off on a scout camp, I had to come  up with a plan B as I had Asha to think about.
This year they offered a young scrappers club and she and a buddy were able to go from 6 to midnight and a have all kinds of crafty fun.
They had separate rooms from the grown ups but I could pop in and out when ever I liked. They had a DJ and Karaoke with games. Who doesn't love a good hokey pokey?
They spray painted hair and painted nails and did glitter tattoos as well as working on some crafty notebooks.It was a fun time and I got to scrap.
I realize from these pictures that it looks like no one else was there but there were about 50 girls and one boy, bless his heart.

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