Sunday, February 12, 2012

Birthday Bowl

Nobody in my family, cares too much for football but it has become a little traditional to have endless amounts of junk food on the day of the super bowl. We generally get together and laugh at commercials and pay little, if any attention to the football itself. This year the game was actually on a Sunday and it happened to be Boyd's birthday so whilst some might forfeit a party, we figured, hey it's our usual family, Sunday dinner with excess junk for Dad's birthday and maybe a little background football....ahem.
Our awesome neighbor makes cakes and was fundraising with her daughter , so we scored some the most delicious cupcakes ever. Gingerbread with cream cheese frosting. Thankfully I brought them out after everyone was in a sugar coma so there was leftovers ...for me and later.... me.
Not much has to occur, besides laying around, groaning that you ate to much at this point.
My favorite part was the half time show where Madonna performs like a prayer. I think I'll gage my age appropriate attire on what she wears, I knew my gladiator dress would come back in style! but seriously that lady has a rockin' bod and totally works it in the heels. Time to step up the pilates.
So happy birthday to my older man, looks pretty good I think.

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