Monday, February 27, 2012

Made for Monday

In my usual style, of not 100% finishing a project, I thought I'd post this "Made for Monday" item, even though it is not actually finished.
I know what you are thinking, "it looks finished but what is it?" Well it started as a notice board to add some color and cover the blank side of a screw showing cupboard, but once I thought about the amount of clutter a notice board has, and goodness knows, all the offices and notice boards I see on pinterest don'y have clutter on them, I realized I couldn't live with that. It has evolved into a year at a glance, space for all sorts of things in pockets. (birthdays, advanced plans, goals etc, I even keep a daily gratitude list, today being grateful for tanning beds, I know shallow)
So you see, we have pockets and things to attach clips to and that is it and this may well be, where it stays for the next 6 months to 6 years until I decide I don't want it any more :) Read on for a brief how to. First head to the Home Depot for some trim/baseboard and note that the $1.39 tag means per foot not for the whole thing which I thought.Whoops.
Then cut wood into awesome angled corners so you can fit it in your tiny car :) Come home and have hubster, re- cut the would so it actually fits together at 90 degree angles . Use little brass L-shaped brackets to secure, make sure the screws aren't too long or they'll poke all the way through. Use wood putty to fill the holes you drilled all the way through plush cracks. Sand, then go in the garage and spray paint the frame, making sure the color matches your car in case of over spray (just kidding, it doesn't have to match)
Then for the insert, oh man I said brief. Well just make sure you have some great TV to watch and use a ruler. It all turned out great in the end.
And why to all bloggers take pictures at this angle? Do they want you to think your actually in the room and not staring head on a computer screen, just wondered.

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Julie said...

That's really clever. And, the orange and gray perfect colors.