Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day

In England we don't really "celebrate" Valentines Day. I mean we know what it is, trust me, from the time boys stop being gross to us, all little girls, hope for that anonymous card from the boy, who secretly longed to hold our hands or let him catch us in kiss chase, the innocent game of youth, that has since been replaced with texting and hanging out ;-) No, Valentines to me was only something you got to participate in if you already had a love interest or spouse and was generally a card with a flower or sweet. I'm sure this has changed over the years but it certainly didn't involve cards from your granny or worse from your best friend of the same gender. You can imaging my concern when, one valentines morning, I received a red rose on my windshield from none less than the missionaries!!! Gasp, later to find out they had left a flower for all the single Mums in the ward, bless their hearts. Much has changed since coming to the US and holiday celebration is definitely one of my fonder traditions, although I confess, I don't buy huge gifts or have Easter bunny baskets, much to my kids chagrin. I do, however try to let them at least know I am aware of the holiday and this one is no exception. I pulled this together in an hour before church thanks to Christmas red items and left over pink and candles etc from the wedding.
I made their favorite, most requested meal. Chicken Pockets (chicken, cream cheese and green onion, wrapped in a croissant and dipped in butter and bread crumbs.....yum)
Asha made us special sushi (Twinkies wrapped in fruit roll up and with a Swedish fish shoved in the middle.be sure and cut their heads off first)
As for me and my sweetie.
We went on a sleigh ride up in Heber, not much snow but still fun as our little old cowboy driver told funny cowboy stories and sung me a love song.
So how do you celebrate?


Boyd said...

That was a great Valentines Dinner! It is so much fun to have all the kids for dinner.

Marianne said...

AACK!! Ronan is suddenly looking very grown-up to me!!

That looks beautiful and festive. You're SO clever.