Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Public Transport

Having grown up in England, I love public transport. You can get anywhere you want in the country and the journey can begin within a few streets of your home.
For high school, I would jump on a public bus at the end of my street, which took me to the town center, where I would hop on a bus or train and head to all kinds of adventures in Oxford or London. From there you can catch a train to France and on to anywhere else in Europe. It is such a common thing that by aged 12 or so I was quite comfortable with timetables and the Tube (underground train) map. It is actually easier to get around this way than trying to navigate a car through the city, much of which is a no drive area now and then parking is a nightmare with nothing less than a months salary to pay for it. (exaggerated)
When I took Asha to England, she had quite a fascination with all the options, so we did them all. Train, Tube, double decker bus and of course the famous black taxi.

Why am I sharing such worthless info you say, wheres the up to date pics or the sunshiny, summer happenings of a Utah family? Well, the trax has been extended to Daybreak so we took the kids for a ride.

We hopped on at Day break, paid $12 for a ticket that covered all 4 of us for ALL DAY, trax, frontrunner or bus and headed up to Trolley square.
We hopped off, walked a couple of blocks to the English store, stocked up on good chocolate and when I stay stocked up, I mean, enough to last a month but we finished on the trip home. We walked a lap around whole foods. I had to get out quickly because I could feel my pit hair growing, so many "healthy" people in there and it might be me but why does everyone look so sickly?
Anywho, we walked back to the trax, hopped on and headed home.
The kids thought is was like Disneyland and are bugging us to go again, any day of the week.
I love that my kids will have freedom to head to some really cool places downtown without the stress of traffic and parking.

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Cindy said...

I just picked you up from Craftoholics I really enjoy your writing style I think my pit hair grows when I walk into whole foods too