Friday, August 19, 2011

I need to get a life.

Last weekend, a 40 year old, bachelor and FB friend from England, posted a question. "who's out tonight?"
well of course me because all would not be well in the Wold household, if Boyd didn't take me out on a Friday night date.
He then suggested, since he was 7 hours ahead, that he would drink me under the table, to which I let him know, that wouldn't be much of a challenge, since I haven't had a drop of the juice in 22 years. To which came his response, that I have pondered, happily for days, that, I need to live a little!

Bwah ha ha, I am rolling and laughing so hard I couldn't even respond.
Yes indeed, I should "live" to go drinking on a Friday night instead of say going here


watching my awesome kids do this.

The funny ending to the story is, we backed our boat into the driveway at 9pm (still 75 degrees outside) unloaded, ran in to shower, blasted my short hair dry, kissed my showered kids goodnight, (Curt was home watching a movie) hopped on the back of Boyd's R1 (not a comfy ride but exhilarating)and zoomed along the highway at *%^ miles per hour, heading to a late movie, I thought again to myself....

Yeah, I definitely need to live a little!!

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Marianne said...

Oh baby, you're definitely living!!

Now we need to get YOU out on that wakeboard!