Tuesday, August 23, 2011

The sidetracked home executive.

Do you ever find yourself heavily involved in a task, say working on your budget numbers, since your dog just cost you 320 unplanned dollars, then realize you have a huge pile of other bills and papers that need sorting?

Interruptions from hungry kids, annoying phone calls or before mentioned dog and a hour or so passes.
You need the loo and on walking into your room your greeted with this..

Oh yes that's right I was folding laundry before I got the sudden urge to check on a bill. So as I'm now taking the laundry back to the laundry room (for people to collect) where it will sit until they run out of something to wear, I almost trip on this....

because lets face it, putting the vacuum away obviously is not part of the instruction to vacuum up all the cereal you just spilled. So whilst collecting parts to put away, I notice something on the table,

can you see it? Must fertilize.

So here I am, much later, shoving the piles of papers across my desk, so I can finish my budget but "squirrel" the computer is so much more colorful and full of pretty pictures of other peoples pretty lives (have you discovered pinterest?)There goes my productivity. Does anyone else get easily sidetracked?


Marianne said...

This made me smile....sort of...because I KNOW. Groan.

T, B, Z, J, M & I said...

I'm pretty sure you just explained my life. Thank you for sharing the picture of your desk with papers on the floor. I swear everyone I know has a perfectly kept house but me. We have papers on our floor, the vacuum often is out and there is (clean) laundry everywhere, some folded, some not. My baby (of four) just started kindergarten, but with going to school full-time myself (and the discovery of Pinterest) my dishes don't seem to every get caught up.