Tuesday, December 15, 2009

12 Days of Christmas

We all know the song.
I have to wonder what kind of love I'd have for a man who delivered me 7 maids a milking and think he had somehow scored some awesome gift giving points. Really, where the heck did this song come from? I think maybe he wanted the maids and the ladies dancing for himself!! Like buying me a power tool or something and I am supposed to be happy about it. Anyway, I am grateful men today are more simple.
On the first day of Christmas
my sweetheart gave to me,
something very sparse and Lacey :0
oh and she did it for 12 days straight and I was happy camper!!
So with that out of the way I wonder why I got the erg to do something fun on the 12 days leading up to Christmas.
Lets face it, it's the busiest most stressful time of year for a Mum, especially one who was volunteered to host the husbands company Christmas party but HEY, lets add another thing to do.
I came up with
"the 12 days of family fun time"
I made a cute advent with gloves, each one having a tag with the day number on it.
Each day the kids pull a paper from the gloves which tells of the activity pegged for that day.

e.g. On the first day of Christmas, my family and me... are going to Zoo lights to see the animals.
Some are fun, some involve extended family and parties that were already planned. There are a couple of charitable events as well as some neighbor gift making and delivery. It's all good stuff but it allows Boyd and I to spend some quality time each day with our kids without the "Mum, when are going to do something fun" that seems to come 5 times a day when they are off school.

Credit for the glove idea goes to another blogger.
Check out these cute advent ideas and share with me your family fun traditions.

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