Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas Bears

Ever since my first visit to Utah back in 1995, Boyd has bought me a white Christmas bear with the year embroidered on it's foot. Most traditions seem to start later or you have a few missing years but this one has held true and now my bears go all the way up the stairs.

I have these weird attachment to soft toys, as if they are all my personal friends.
One year I actually picked up one in the store, noticed his ear was all bent, put him back, started to walk away and then thought of that poor little imperfect friend being left homeless and of course I took him home. I know I'm a lunatic!! Just ask my Mum who threatens every time I visit, to get rid of my gorilla who sits, glaring at you in the spare room. His long arms hugged me all through high school heart breaks and I wuv him vewy much.

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Kristen and Co. said...

Wow Nat. Had no idea you were a soft and squishy teddy bear push over kinda gal. Huh...