Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New and improved.

My Computer was poorly and needed some love, so my sweet hubby did all the.....stuff only he knows how and low and behold, it's all fine and dandy, along with all these cool new features and backgrounds. The kind of stuff where I go "ah that Christmassy shopping picture is so cute but "WHY can't I download my camera straight to adobe."

You see, over the years I have learned that technology is way beyond my comprehension and it takes me ages to figure out much beyond the on and off switch. Fortunately there are those geeky types (like my hunny) who actually get somewhat of a kick out of making it more simple for the likes of me. This is of course beneficial for him, as he avoids comments like:
ME:"it just keeps going black"
HIM:"have you tried moving the mouse"
ME:"well yes but then it goes black again"
HIM:"it's a screen saver" (silently thinking, are you freakin kidding me!!!)

BUT, I have no idea how to work all the new stuff and I have cool pics of my Christmas tree and stuff to share.

Also, my phone was acting up so I finally upgraded it and man, have they come along way. This thing can do everything but switch the laundry to the dryer which incidentally just pinged prettily :) Some geeky type, while no doubt, listening to his whining wife, changed the offensive buzzing sound, to a cute, pretty, ting.
I digress.
My new phone, whilst being a cool color and having awesome graphics and wifi, does not have some basic essentials to me, like, ALL MY CONTACTS!!! Duh, I erased my old phone to get a $75 rebate and whoopsie, your all gone! So unless your phone number is in my head, that would include my Mum, my Uncle Doug and Miriam Sorricelli, you no longer have contact with me.
Call me or text or email or facebook or IM or Skype or one of the other cool technologies me :)

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