Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Festive Dressing.

I love the holiday season because we seem to get to go to more parties in one month than we do the rest of the year combined.
I don't know about you but as I hurry through the mall, shopping. My eyes are drawn to the glamorous cocktail dresses, all blinged out and shiny and I wonder, if in another life, and proposing I had the figure, I would ever have cause to wear a decorated hankie in public. I mean really, who wears these other than the stick insects posing as hosts of glamor award shows. Do you really want your husbands boss to see that much skin?
So what does a thirty something, size- FEMALE wear to: the family white elephant, the church social or the hubbies company party AND how do you do Christmas festive without breaking the bank on a wear once outfit.
So as a service to all my sisters in fashion and a warning to all my sisters who could use a visit from the "what NOT to wear" crew.
I give you, my take on festive dressing and you need not thank me but send your Christmas reindeer sweaters for me to donate to the local charity shop. They offend me to the very core.
First: Take a basic outfit you look and feel great in.

For example, A Great, Dark Jean, no holes of whiskers, classic, dressy, can be skinny, straight, boot or flare.
A neutral under shirt or blouse, I love the downeast T's with a strip of lace. They are long enough to not worry about showing any crack :) There I said it, crack!! surely people can feel the draft.
A great, fitted cardi or jacket. This one has a ruched long/short sleeve, your best friend if your bicep fell off the top of your arm and went under it (you know what I'm talking about)Enough to cover imperfections but leave you comfortable and put together.
All these items are already in my wardrobe so no cost so far.

Then start to add the festive.

I see these multi strand necklaces all over so be bold and load up.

Then go for Christmas colors in accessories , red, gold, any metallic.
The red bag I have used all month for my Christmas shopping, makes me happy and is big enough to hide a small child in. The silver bag was from last Christmas and I still love it and the clutch is a classic for dressing up any evening look when all you need is cash, gloss and a key.
You could get brave and go sparkly on this item but I like multi use, that's why I opted for black.

don't be too matchy, that is not "IN".

Then finally go bold with the shoes.

Don't hate me, but these shoes love me back.

Another great tip I read on "how not to dress like a mom" blog was:
If you are going to a home party where heels would be unkind to there wood floors (say, mine for example) then make sure your jeans aren't overly long and pair them with a delicate, flat. The hosts will have no problem you keeping them on. I mean who wants to walk barefoot while sporting that much festive flare.
and for the love of all things Holy, have nicely painted toenails, if your showing them through your gorgeous sandals.

So there you have it. This is a tried and tested look, I have worn it twice so far this December and got many complements.
I got the basis of the look from people magazines dec "style watch" issue page 142 good article.

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