Wednesday, December 16, 2009

On the first Day...

We went to Zoo Lights.
Not to be confused with the zoo that has animals for you to look at. They, of course are unaware it is Christmas and their corperate heads are trying to raise a few extra bucks and have people come at night when it is dark and they are all sleeping!!
So with plenty of lights to look at and warm enough clothes we wondered about in search of the few animals not effected by daylight savings and this is what we came up with.

the first species, described in my best David Attenborough voice are indeed of the human variety. My hat did spark a little curiosity with a cougar though.

The big Cats were out enjoying the weather.

This Cub was about 3 foot from my face with just a chain link between us. AWESOME!!! There were 3 baby cubs and an enormous mother who was giving us her best "Gosh you people are boring" look.
We saw 3 bob cats totally enthralled by a families "seeing eye dog" in training. They hunched down and stalked about like they were hunting it. The dog of course didn't bat an eyelid.
Then the cougar and me had a good chat about the state of the U.S. Health care system.....oh don't go there.
That was about it for me.

All my peeps spent some time in the Reptile and small animal enclosure while I opted for Brickbreaker, getting a new highest score, thank you very much :)
I was mostly entertained by peoples gasps and facial expressions and comments due to the stink that hits you when you open the door. Many less refrained younglins had words like potty and poopy to describe there new discovery and parents scrambled to respond in a loving, child like, way whilst thinking.
"What a *&^%$# smell, *&^%@#4"

Anyway it was a fun first night out although our expectations of seeing more animals was a little high. Next time we'll know we are going to look at lights and MAYBE see an animal but the kids had fun, we had hot chocolate and a ride on the merry go round and went home smiling.

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